7 Pro Ways To Do Amazon Keyword Research

On 29 Dec., 2019

To look up anything on the internet, you need the relevant combination of words that will direct you to the place you desire.

7 Pro Ways To Do Amazon Keyword Research

Product searching on Amazon is no different. Entering the right words in the search box takes you where you want. As a seller, this should be the most important thing to you. What keywords should you include that will help your buyers discover your product first. 

Like Google follows PageRank to determine its top results, Amazon is also subjected to rules of an A9 Algorithm that decides which product will be showcased on the top. 

Among several factors, your product’s organic ranking is based on the quality of your Amazon Product Photography, Listing, seller metrics, etc. Sellers that don’t wait for organic ranking often choose Amazon PPC Campaign to boost the visibility of the product. 

‘How to get to the top of Amazon’s search results’, you might be asking yourself. You can’t write random words and expect your product to be on the top. 


Here are seven ways to do Amazon Keyword research like a pro.


  •  Think like the buyer

The easiest and non-technical way to go about this is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. 


When you try to understand factors like; what is the current trend? What is the need according to the season? What are the common words people use most to buy things? You get an idea of what your buyers must be looking to buy these days and using which words. 

Try looking up social media platforms and keep an eye on consumer discussions.  

  • Check the Autofill on Amazon’s Search Engine

You can simply go to amazon’s website and type the minimal search term and wait for the autofill to show you what combination of words is most popular on Amazon right now.


For example, you may be writing just ‘pendant for women’ in your listing, but with a quick look at the autofill, you’ll find that including ‘pendant gift’ would get you even more clicks.


  •  Use Product name to search on Keyword Tools

Another, but a technical way is to use a good Amazon Keyword Tool like Helium 10,  Merchant Words or AMZ One Step’s AMZ Words Spy. They are simple, easy to use and provide professional keyword results. All you have to do is type your product name in the keyword tool search bar and voila.  

  •  Check out the competition

Your competition is currently on top, so they must be doing something right. Scout their listings and see what keywords they have used to give a boost to their product. 


You can use the Magnet feature in Helium 10 as an alternative to Cerebro to pull out all the relevant keywords your competition has considered.


How to use Helium 10 magnet? Simply go to the listing page of your competitor and copy the ASIN. You can then use that to track down all the keywords and pick out the most relevant ones. 


  •  Search by Volume

The volume filter in any good keyword tool will assist you in showing the hottest and most popular words searched by the consumers. If you filter your results according to volume high to low, the keyword tool will show you which words were most searched by the internet users in a month. 


  •  Search by Organic Ranking

Similar to a volume search, you can try ranking your keywords with an Organic Ranking filter using a keyword tool. It will filter out the results and show you all the keywords that helped a product get an organic ranking. 


Using such keywords can also increase your own chances of getting a higher ranking.


Keyword research is very important in any seller’s business. The right play of words can help determine the fate of a product. Using the above-mentioned ways can make you a pro in no time and can help you achieve more product visibility. 

7 Pro Ways To Do Amazon Keyword Research