Tips to Mow for Healthy Lawn

On 11 Dec., 2019

Mowing your lawn is a simple activity deceptively. Simply cut and trim the grass, is that right? Basically, there is a particular way to mow in order to keep the best lawn care service in Indiana.

Tips to Mow for Healthy Lawn

Your mowing has connotation over how the grass will grow and develop throughout the year. Make sure, you follow these tips to make your lawn healthier after mowing.

Mowing Alternative Path

Do you use a particular way or modus operandi while mowing your lawn? You should change your mowing path from time to time. When grass grows back after mowing, it leads to lean towards the direction where you start to cut it from. If you mix up your moving path, the grass will regrow in the upright direction, and ruts will also be prevented in your lawn.

Cut your Grass while it’s Dry

 Mowing is mandatory for best lawn care service in Indiana due to harsh weather. Make sure you cut grass while it’s dry. Although there’s no harm in cutting grass while it's wet. However, the clumps of wet grass may leave behind can kill your grass. Most importantly, mowing wet grass can also affect mower blades and cause them to rip off the lawn grass. Moreover, wet grass can also mow due to wet soil can rip grass as well.

At the Right Height Mow

When you cutting the grass of your lawn, but make sure you choose the right height for your lawn. Always remember don’t mow your grass more than one third with the grass blades. If you cut your grass too close can cause multiple issues with your lawn, such as the process of photosynthesis of impeding and killing it, the vulnerability to pests is increased, and chances of weed are increased. Grass which are taller can develop deeper roots, drought can be survived.

Mower Blades are Sharpen

Balanced, sharp mower blades always cut the grass cleanly, inefficient manner. Meanwhile, if the blades will be dull, the grass will give a tearing off outlook. Indeed, the grass will be chopped in uneven shape, giving your lawn look ugly. Due to dull blades, the grass opens pests and diseases to enter. Sharpen your blades before the summer begins and avoid cutting thick rocks and branches. To be safe, keep an extra blade in case of an alternative in emergency case.

Cut the Grass while it’s Cool

To keep the best lawn care service in Indiana, mow grass in a cooler period because grass loses less water and heal faster during this time. If the grass mowed during the midst of the day will make it a victim of heat stress. This results in losing more water and slowly recover from plants.

Shaded Areas are Mowed Higher

When you mow the grass in shaded areas, particularly grass under the trees, higher grass is mowed. Since grass under shady area receives little or no sunlight and unable to get complete nutrition. The longer blades on the grass can allow the huge area to conduct photosynthesis – keeping a healthy lawn.