Clichés make your proposal essay less persuasive.

On 28 Nov., 2019

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Clichés make your proposal essay less persuasive.

You already know the obvious and famous clichés such as “better late than never,” “cream of the crop,” “without further ado,” and “thinking outside the box.” In writing proposals, however, among the most commonly used clichés are “thanking you in advance,” “confirming our conversation” and “our company is pleased to have this opportunity to present…” Writers and sales professionals often use clichés out of convenience or habit. So when you read your draft proposal and spot obvious and unnecessary clichés, rephrase and replace them with direct statements that convey the same message.

Don’t start and end your proposal with a seller-centered cliché.

In proposal writing, the opening statement should reflect the buyer’s most important concern. Don’t start your proposal with clichés such as “we are pleased to present this proposal” or “thank you for the opportunity to participate.” because the client is not concerned with your company’s gratitude.

Starting your proposal this way also implies begging, which may lower the image of professionalism you’re trying to project. Instead start with a statement of the solution you propose, how it addresses their problem, and how this information is discussed in further detail in the subsequent pages.

Don’t waste your closing statements by using clichés, either. Remember, the parts that readers remember most are the start, end, and the repeated points in a document. Actually, if you are not sure about whether your essay good or not you can ask for help at editing services such as There you can definitely get professional help and be much more confident  As a sales professional, you should always have a closing statement that’s persuasive and powerful, prompting the reader to take action and/or make a decision that favors your company.

Don’t say “please feel free to call,” instead tell the client outright to please call your team’s project manager for further information and to schedule a follow-up meeting.

Clichés make your proposal essay less persuasive.