6 Ways to Make your Product Packaging More Sustainable

On 21 Oct., 2019

The enhanced usage of materials, minimalist packaging, recyclable material such as Kraft and Cardboard of the best quality make the product packaging of custom boxes more eco-friendly.

6 Ways to Make your Product Packaging More Sustainable

The packaging of the products plays a very vital role in the sustainability of the inner goods and for the environment too. Using the kind of materials that serve in the best interests of the product safety and prevents global warming, should be encouraged more and more.


The consumers not only want the packaging that is sustainable for the products but for the environment too. Companies around the world use custom boxes that make the product packaging more sustainable.

This section is all about the sustainable product packaging which is eco-friendly too.

1.Enhanced Usage of Materials:


Lower volume and lower mass with reduced packaging layers and the reduced packaging itself is what the optimized usage of material is. The advancement in technology in the technical and the computerized field has led humans towards the use of software systems that do almost all the job themselves. These systems of software help to find an optimal combination of the kind of packaging material with the size of the box, which enhances the use of material.

The use of optimized materials inside the box plays an important role in the safety of the products. Traditionally, bubble wraps were used for the safety of fragile material but the advancement has led towards the manufacturing of cushion rolls, which are far better than the traditional ways of cushioning material. Opting out several other materials instead of Styrofoam (bad for the environment) is also beneficial for the safety of the product and of the environment.

The reason to use these materials is their ability to absorb shocks and cracks, which result in the safety of the product.

2.Use of Recyclable Material:


There are several materials, which can be recycled into new items like cardboards and paperboards. Both of these items (recycled and recyclable) comes from different sources which can be adapted to the packaging very easily. Some of these sustainable materials are the cornstarch, cardboard and paper.

3.The use of Unique and Innovative Materials:


Out of all other ways of packaging, the use of inks that are made out of dangerous chemicals play their role in increasing global warming. Therefore, to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging option, the use of ink, which is made out of milk proteins or the food items, should be encouraged for the Custom Printed Boxes.

For instance, the use of soy inks is more sustainable. The reason why these links are important because they can be deinked easily, which makes the process of recycling easier.

4.The use of Minimalist Packaging:


The use of big boxes for small items is not known to be sustaining. If a box is too big for a product that does not fit it, it is most likely that the product will mess itself up during the shipping. Moreover, compact packaging is more sustainable.

Other than that, it is very simple to reduce the impact on the environment by using less packaging. A product always needs some certain amount of protection and designed to attract customers. Therefore, it is possible to use a few raw materials in order to save the environment and yet, create the best packaging style. Another advantage for the business to use this packaging style is that it turns out to be much cheaper.

5.Use of Kraft and Corrugated Sheets:


Kraft and corrugated sheets of paper are known to be the sturdiest of all kinds of packaging styles. These materials serve as the best ones for the packaging of custom boxes.
Kraft sheets are hard, heavy and recyclable, therefore the use of these sheets in the production of large boxes for packaging which later serves as the shipping containers, is at very large.

Corrugated sheets, on the other hand, have several layers of sheets, which are designed in a way to reduce the humidity and pressure while shipping the goods and both of these materials are the best to preserve the goods in safety for long periods.

6.The use of Degradable Materials:


One of the best ways to sustain the environment and the products is by the use of degradable material for the custom packaging wholesale. A first important reason for the use of such type of material is for the safety of the goods insides along with the environment too. These materials are made without the addition of chemicals and thus, serve the best in terms of safety of the end product.

Moreover, these materials decompose naturally which serve in the interests of the environment.  

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6 Ways to Make your Product Packaging More Sustainable