5 Easy Tips For Keyword Research To Rank Your Amazon Products

On 16 Oct., 2019

Amazon FBA Businesses have a big advantage over other market places. In FBA, Amazon does most of the job from storing your products in their warehouse to shipping it to your customer while you focus on the advertising part. 

5 Easy Tips For Keyword Research To Rank Your Amazon Products

It all begins with carrying out the optimal keyword research. Even before launching a product on the Amazon Market place, one needs to carry out the keyword research to determine the market condition and the competition involved. For this, you need to use the best Amazon Keyword Tool.

Undoubtedly, an effective keyword strategy can do wonders for your Amazon business. That’s why listing optimization has become even more important in the current phase of Amazon marketing. 

The need for an Amazon Keyword Tool is constant as that is the foremost way to find out the long-tail keywords that can drive traffic to your business. 

Here are some tips for carrying out effective Keyword research. 


  • Compare your keywords

In order to withstand the Amazon market, you need to compare and contrast the keywords of your products being sold. 

Chances are high that you might be competing for limited keywords, while the market is getting traffic from many other resources. 

In order to carry out an optimal keyword strategy, you need to find the areas where similar products are getting the traffic. 

The limitation is no excuse. Imitation is the key, and the revision is the way forward to a successful keyword strategy building. 


  • Understand Search Behaviors on Amazon.

As an Amazon seller or marketing expert, you should not limit yourself to a keyword tool. Amazon search itself can tell you a lot about the user searches and trends. 

For example, if you write ‘Leather Jackets’ on Amazon, it will show you many searches related to it. This is where you need to target your product in order to get the maximum share of the traffic. 

Even an effective Amazon Keyword tool will show you a section of user trends and searches that are optimal for getting decent traffic. 


  • Identify Relatable Keywords

Amazon has an additional feature called ‘Similar products’. So how do we rank our products for similar products?

The reason why Amazon does this is that it keeps the sales funnel open while expecting users to make multiple purchases at a time. In order to outsmart the completion in this particular area, you need to do an extensive analysis but it’s quite easy. 

For example, if you’re selling shoes on Amazon, you can add related keywords like shoelaces, shoe rack, shoe polish, and others. This way, your shoes will have a higher chance of showing up in ‘Similar products’ when a customer searches for shoelaces or rack. 


  • Know your Audience’ interest

You need to do this part with your own understanding of your product. In this case, a keyword tool may not help you because you know your product more than anyone else. 

It’s about adding the unique features in your title and content that can prompt a customer in making a purchase. Using words like Kindle Fire HD, first edition books, and Blu-Ray is the perfect example in this case. 


  • Tailor Your Keywords according to its popularity. 


When you run an Amazon PPC Campaign, you filter out the most competitive keyword and use them in your campaign, 

Similarly, you should give more priority to the keywords that possess high monthly searches. Use those keywords especially on your title and URL as that will give it more relevancy. 

As much as Amazon Product Photography is important to grow on Amazon, keyword research is the first step you should be doing before launching a product or running an Amazon PPC Campaign. Follow these 5 tips in your keyword research for your products.