Online betting Singapore- how to make your first million

By H3asia
On 25 Sept., 2019

Last year, Singapore online casinos paid out millions of dollars to winning gamblers and bettors.

Online betting Singapore- how to make your first million

Last year, Singapore online casinos paid out millions of dollars to winning gamblers and bettors. Over the past few years, this country has become a major attraction for online gamblers. This isn’t surprising given that Singapore is a hub of expats from different parts of the world and online gambling here is not just a major stress buster but also a great money spinner. If you are trying your luck for the first time in the online betting Singapore scenario, here are a few tips and tricks you can try out to make your first million dollars.

Before we start playing for big bucks, let’s fix a few things first.

First of all make your Singapore betting account secure by using a really strong password. Most people use easily guessable passwords like the name of their spouse, pet or even children. The best way to go about is to use a combination of letters, digitals, symbols and special characters. If your Singapore betting account still doesn’t work, you may contact your customer support.

Now this may sound trivial to you but it’s a very smart thing to declare your correct date of birth while opening your Singapore betting account.  You ought to be in the right age bracket while placing your bets and if you are found giving wrong information, you might end up in trouble.

So, now that we know the basics of the online betting Singapore business, let’s get to the tips and tactics part of this article.

If you are new to online gambling, take one step at a time. Don’t rush in too quickly else you might burn your hands. What we are suggesting is that you should try a few games before making your feet wet. There are several casinos that offer free trials and it would be a great idea to grab those demos.

New to online gambling and have no idea on placing bets? Try out some books and guides on the basic principles of bets, parlays, odds, etc. While there are several guides that offer ‘insights’, the world of online betting Singapore is complex and vast. Master your game by reading online reviews by other gamers, but don’t over-rely on them. Remember, these reviews are experiences of some gamers and do not represent universal wisdom.

Another common mistake that most of us commit is trying to cover up our losses all the time. We place a bet, lose it, place another one, this time we win it and say to ourselves, ‘oh I have recovered my loss’. Most of the time, we are looking beyond our shoulders to avoid our losses. This is pretty natural but we are here to win and our strategies must revolve around this philosophy. Identify your winning bets and develop your game around those; you’d be surprised how much successful you will be.

While there are many other tips to ace your game, just stick to the above-mentioned ones for the moment and check your progress.