Top 3 books to read for sports betting Malaysia strategy

By H3asia
On 25 Sept., 2019

Malaysia is one of the hottest online betting destinations in Asia.

Top 3 books to read for sports betting Malaysia strategy

Malaysia is one of the hottest online betting destinations in Asia. Every year, online gamblers make millions of dollars in sports betting and other gambling activities. If you are an aspiring gambler, read on this article to understand how you can make some cool bucks in the Malaysia betting scenario. This write-up introduces you to a few books on gambling strategy that you can consult. Read these to fine tune your strategy and become a better gambler.

1. Conquering Risk; Attacking Vegas and Walls Street by Elihu D. Freustel

Freustel knows the world of online gambling inside out and is a trained U.S attorney. He is known by his alias Justin 7 in many online betting platforms.

For many years, he worked as a betting analyst at and it is this expertise which marks Elihu as an excellent betting expert. In his book, Freustel takes the readers through the basic betting concepts like parlays, odds, etc. If you have gambled a bit in the past, you will find this book extremely valuable.

Freustel uses a lot of statistical concepts like predictive modeling, Poisson’s distribution, building a database, margin of error, set theory, etc. Read this book only if you are acquainted with statistics and online gambling.

2. Weighing the odds in sports betting by King Yao

Betting Malaysia enthusiasts will find this book quite agreeable. Here, you get to understand complicated concepts like pricing props, evaluating lines with half point differences, etc in very simple words. If for nothing else, you must buy and read this book for understanding concepts like hedging and middling, NFL halves, baseball totals, etc.

If you are thinking that King Yao gives all the secrets in this book, then you’d be disappointed. While he definitely gives out the essentials of sports betting, he leaves out the deeper tactics and strategies leaving you to research them. King Yao is one of the betting gurus who believe that after a point, self-learning is the best way forward.

3. Sharp Sports betting by Stephen Wong

Sports betting Malaysia fanatics consider this book as the bible in this field. When Wong first wrote this book way back in 2001, sports betting were still in its infancy. He had put a lot of insights in his book which were later improved upon by players. Nevertheless, this book still contains useful tips and tricks for new gamblers. Experienced players will find it too simplistic.

This book hasn’t been edited since 2009 so that’s a bit of a disappointment but we would still recommend it to all those who want to become accomplished gamblers in betting Malaysia.

All said and done, sports betting calls for some serious research, discipline and common sense. There is no perfect strategy in this field. What works for A might not hold for B. Secondly, you should always do your own research. At first it may sound boring and painful but there’s no substitute to one’s hard work. Persist, and you shall succeed.