What are the Most Common Types of Dental Implants

On 21 Sept., 2019

Teeth adjustment and Dental implants in Santa Rose aims at supporting the false teeth alignment. This supporting technique helps in perfection in the arrangement. Dental implants use titanium screw, which fixes to the root of tooth and keeps it in the position. With Dental Impants in Santa Rose, there is an advantage working in your favor.

What are the Most Common Types of Dental Implants

Have you ever had experienced dental problems in your life?  We always have a dental problem as we begin to age, and it is the most common signs of aging. Your worst nightmare becomes reality, when there is premolar or a molar loss?  Physical tooth loss may become critical and you may start considering on the idea of implanting a tooth. With the availability of new technologies in the dental implants, you have very obvious reasons to select an implant, which is more economical, and it replaces the tooth conveniently without changing the natural tone of your dental structure.

Dental Implants: The Common Types

Root Implants- These types of dental implantations are done in the individuals who have a wider and a deeper theca. This will provide the much-needed base.  The procedure of implant involves minor exposure to jawbone with wide range of incisions made at specific positions.

Plate form Implants – Such implants are done when the jawbone is narrower and the theca is not deep.  Here, the jawbone is opened and a flat and narrow piece as the plate form implant is inserted into it.  Once the procedure is completed, the gums are stitched around the implanted plates. 

Subperiosteal Implants – This implantation procedure is done in the individuals who do not have wide jawbone or the theca, and cannot support any prosthesis.  The implant in this case will be nicely inserted underneath the gums and not the bone structure. The procedure is easy and painless to carry.

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