The Philosophy of Singapore MBS

By H3asia
On 26 Aug., 2019

Marina Bay Sands or in short MBS is a widely known mega-resort in Singapore. It is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia.

The Philosophy of Singapore MBS

Marina Bay Sands or in short MBS is a widely known mega-resort in Singapore. It is one of the most sought-after destinations in Southeast Asia. The Marina Bay Sands Casino is amongst the many facets of this franchise which is a multibillion-dollar resort. It also one of the popular Singapore Betting spots for tourists and locals alike.

Singapore MBS is more than an integration of casino-hotel since it has also been popularized as one of the top entertainment spots in South East Asia. The franchise has continually added more attractions and features over the years. This project came into being in the year 2010.

Place your bets

Being one of the most popular places for Betting Singapore, it has also kept to its resort’s goals. The casino here is as big as one can anticipate. It has a large playing area which has over 500 gaming tables, thirty private gaming rooms, and around 1600 jackpot machines. Singapore MBS also have the latest gaming machines that one can think of in the world. The casinos' machines here have around 250 gaming titles which the guests can choose from. This is also not like your average integrated hotels. There is a magnificent chandelier which is a witness to the numerous guests who flock in every day. This chandelier also has a special attribute to it i.e. it made up of more than 13,000+ Swarovski crystal, making it the world’s largest and almost the heaviest chandelier to have ever existed in the world. It weighs in around seven tons.

The casino has several places where one can grab a bite. They have at least three noddle bars which have a holistic range of authentic Asian dishes and some traditional Cantonese dishes. The casino is open all around the day but the visitors here are requested to appear in formal attire. So, technically a guest wearing casual wears like slippers, flip flops, shorts or short-sleeved shirts won’t be granted entry.

Reward System

This casino has a grand loyalty program for its guests. If you open a Betting Account Singapore or be a member of Sands Rewards Club, then you will be granted with Sand points, dollars on your plays. These points can eventually be redeemed to get dining, shopping, hotel, and entertainment benefits. There are very few loyalty programs that grant you the exclusivity that Sands rewards does. There is a lifestyle reward program much like the one already mentioned which will grant you destination points while you stay at the Marina Bay Sands. You can get 3 percent off your total purchases via Destination dollars while you are paying either with cash or credit card. You can redeem the same while dining, shopping or opting for their entertainment hubs.

The philosophy behind it

The main philosophy behind these benefits offered with the MBS Singapore loyalty program is a simple way of saying “thank you” to their guests. They consider each and every one of the customers to be an important part of the franchise and thus they offer such benefits.

The Philosophy of Singapore MBS