Lifting solutions- making the load management easy and smooth!

On 22 Aug., 2019

Lifting operations are fundamental to many operations in the construction and heavy industries, which are concerned with the lifting and lowering of a load. Bishop Lifting provides with the best lifting solutions and lifting equipment supplies.

Lifting solutions- making the load management easy and smooth!


Lifting devices are crucial for industries like construction, manufacturing, etc. These industries deal with several heavy components and the workers at these sites are susceptible to accidents. In order to choose the perfect lifting solutions, opting for a reputed supplier is important. However, it might not be an easy task to single out the best one among the dozens of vendors out there, who provide diverse lifting solutions.

The major factors that one should keep in mind while deciding on the type of lifting equipment supplies are as follows:

1. Load limit 

Load limit is the most important factor that one should be considering before making a purchase. The working load limit is the maximum weight that can be safely applied to a particular piece of lifting equipment. After carefully determining the weights that are to be lifted during the lifting task, it should be ensured that all the pieces of the equipment are at par with the limit or over it. It is preferable to choose an equipment that can handle more weight than the general regular operations require.

2.Listing according to the requirements

If you are absolutely confident about your requirements of the equipment, make a list.
If the last thing that the list has to deal with is costing, it is preferable to purchase the best quality equipment from a reputed seller who has a good understanding of client requirements, and provides spare parts in case of faults in any of the equipment.

3. Making a visit to the website

Making a visit to the lifting equipment supplier’s website to ascertain the equipment they provide and the quality of their devices can be a good idea. It is one of the best ways to analyze whether or not a supplier is capable of delivering the desired products for your lifting operations.

4. Selecting the proper lifting slings

Selection of the appropriate lifting sling is an important decision at the first stage, while opting for a lifting equipment. The nature of the load, the length of the sling and the prevailing temperature are among many factors that should be kept in mind while making the choice. There are generally six types of lifting slings that are used in industrial and construction undertaking. They are classified as synthetic rope slings, wire rope slings, metal mesh slings, chain slings, web slings and round slings. Every sling has its own exclusive set of pros and cons, which means that there is no single sling type that can serve multiple purposes.

5. Durability

Last but not the least, it should be remembered that durability is a key factor when it comes to lifting equipment. Purchasing quality lifting equipment coupled with regular maintenance and inspections, ensures that the equipment lasts for a long time and saves cost in the long run.


Lifting solutions are not like fixed templates that can be applied across industries. It has to be modified according to variable requirements and it’s not easy. It consists of a heavy amount of risk and the only way to negate it, is by picking the best and fitting lifting equipment for the lifting operations.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the methods that can guide in finding the right supplier. Bishop Lifting Services is one of the most reputed and trusted suppliers of the top-quality lifting equipment. One can expect the best lifting solutions from Bishop.