Everything You Need To Know About the Netgear Extender Setup

On 7 Jul., 2019

Mywifiext is the default net address for Netgear wifi range extender/boosters. Netgear Wifi extenders/boosters provide ample quantity of association that provides a smart internet speed throughout the house. It works with any router or modem and it's terribly straightforward to put in. Netgear wifi extender/boosters fix the internet connectivity issue that you were facing in your multiple devices like phone, tablet, vice console wireless systems.

Everything You Need To Know About the Netgear Extender Setup

Netgear is a well known brand name in terms of proving the best wifi extenders in the market. This is mainly because of the kind of quality that they offer to their customers. Choose to buy a Netgear wifi extender today in order to enjoy a smooth internet conncetion.

Want to know the setting up process of your Netgear wifi extender? Here are some steps which you can follow in order to ensure a proper setting up of your wifi extender thereby ensuring a smooth functioning of your internet.

  1. Know the IP address for your Netgear extender:

As a user of the netgear wifi extender, you must know the IP address as it will help you to change and  customize the extender settings through the router admin panel by typing in the IP address of your Netgear Wifi router.

  1. Make sure the wifi extender is active:

The second step is to make sure that your wifi extender is active. This can be ensured by plugging in the wifi entender. A successful plugging in will help you to ensure that the netgear wifi extender is active.

  1. Go to mywifiext.net.

The third step is to visit the web page and Input the requested information and receive a step-by-step installation wizard for your Netgear wifi extender. This will help to start the installation process in no time.


  1. Plug in the booster:

The last but not the least step is to plug in the booster. Once this has been done, and the booster starts to work properly you can connect all the devices that you want to connect and use. Make sure to use it for those areas which have a low internet connection.  The Wi-Fi extender appears in the list of available networks on each device, along with your main household network. Don't forget to connect any printers and mobile devices you regularly use in that area of the house.