Dell Printer Contact Phone Number

On 24 May, 2019

Printing utilizing a Dell 800/926/948, All-In-One printers, printing touches base in the nearby print line and the printer st

Dell Printer Contact Phone Number

The issue is that Dell utilizes LEMF as the print processor for its printers. LEMF is incongruent with the present variant of Design Manager Online.


  1. To fix the issue, go into the printer settings for the printer introduced on your PC (Control Panel/Settings - Printers and Faxes)
  2. Right snap on the printer and pick Properties or Printer Properties;
  3. Snap on the Advanced Tab, click on the Print Processor catch at the base, at that point change the Default information type to NT EMF 1.008.
  4. Reboot the PC and attempt to print from DM On-Line once more.


  1. Plan Manager has not had any reports of any drawback to changing this setting. Should the client need to keep up the production line set from Dell then two printers should be introduced, one with an industrial facility setting and one with the new setting.


For any sort of issues identified with hardware, contact  Dell Printer Customer Support Number.