Instagram launches the in-app purchase for e-commerce

On 8 Apr., 2019

The new feature that Instagram is implementing, for now only for a limited number of famous brands, is that of the in-app checkout that allows users to purchase products without leaving the application

Instagram launches the in-app purchase for e-commerce

Instagram launches a new feature that allows users to make purchases for e-commerce without leaving the app.

The new feature that Instagram is implementing, for now only for a limited number of famous brands, is that of the in-app checkout that allows users to purchase products without leaving the application.

The limited launch has been extended to only 23 big brand brands, including names such as Adidas, Burberry, Dior and MAC Cosmetics. The company has stated that in the coming months it will make the function available to an increasing number of brands.

Because Instagram boosts online sales in-app

Why Instagram is boosting online in-app sales is all too obvious. For some time, the social has understood the importance of allowing its users to buy the products they want by passing directly from the platform and for this reason, for months, just as Pinterest is doing, it is working to make its e-commerce platform easier and more intuitive.

Let's not forget that earlier this month, Instagram started testing branded content ads, allowing advertisers to turn messages created by influencers into ads.

Today with the launch of the in-app checkout function, the application is closing the circle, facilitating advertisers on the one hand and potential buyers on the other to drastically reduce the path that leads from the discovery of the product to the final purchase.

The new checkout function, as seen in the screenshot, is activated by clicking on the "Checkout on Instagram" button every time a user clicks on a product tag in an image.


And then, once your purchase data has been saved in Instagram, the user will be able to purchase the products simply by clicking the checkout button directly inside the platform and, subsequently, will be able to manage orders without ever leaving from the app.

Scott Zalaznik, Adidas SVP, said: “The new technology gives Adidas' audience the power to go from inspiration to purchase in an instant. Our consumer-obsessed approach to e-commerce Focuses on simplified immersive connections with the brand and Instagram Shopping allows us to deliver content-rich experience on platforms where our creators are exploring and curating their lives.


The new technology gives the online audience the brand degrees the power to move from inspiration to purchase in an instant. Adidas believes that the e-commerce approach focuses directly on simplified connections with the brand and its Instagram Shopping. A connection that allows you to offer an experience rich in content on a platform where Adidas creator, for example, are exploring and discovering.

As we said the checkout function is currently available only through a closed beta limited to American users.

An interesting note is the first report rich in data that comes directly from Instagram where it turns out that the number of users who touch product tags in the app each month has grown from 90 million last September to 130 million people.