Admirable Characteristics of Structural Foam Molding

On 19 Feb., 2019

Considering the advantages of the structural foam injection molding, there's nothing wrong in saying that it is a reliable manufacturing method for producing sturdier plastic products.

Admirable Characteristics of Structural Foam Molding

The main difference between the normal plastic molding and Structural Foam Injection Molding is that when the production is done through the latter mentioned method, an inert gas is added into the melted polymer during the injection process. Because of that inert gas, the core of the final product has a foam-like structure, whereas the outer walls remain thick and solid. Here, we are discussing the key benefits of manufacturing plastic parts through the Structural Foam Injection Molding of the China Casting Orlando.

Light-weighted Products: The first thing you need to know about this manufacturing process is that since the final products have a foam-like core structure, the weight of the product is much less than compared to the plastic parts built through other molding methods. It is doubtlessly the main advantage of building plastic parts through this method as you might need to deliver light-weighted products to your customers in many situations.

Stiff and Rigid Products: Many manufacturers have the assumption that light-weighted products are not strong, but it is absolutely wrong. Rather, the plastic parts built through the Structural Foam Injection Molding usually have a very good strength-to-weight ratio because the outer walls of the products are thick, which makes them stiff and sturdier.

Cost-effective Production: Since low-pressure is required during the injection process, the power consumption will be low and it can certainly lower the production cost. Apart from this, you can use aluminium molds in the molding process, which are undoubtedly cheaper than steel molds. Thus, it is a cost-effective method through which, plastic products can be built at a low manufacturing cost.

Error-free Manufacturing: You should keep this in mind that if you want to be a successful businessman, then it is quite important to deliver error-free products to the customer. It is also a reason that you should opt for the structural foam molding so that you will be able to manufacture error-free products with the help of the advanced machines.

More Automation: Thus, you can manufacture light-weighted, strong, and error-free products at an effective cost, but the best part is that it is an automated process, i.e. almost all the tasks are accomplished with the help of automated machines.


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