What To Write In Your Business Blog

On 18 Jan., 2019

Many people who start business websites don’t really understand what to write in their blogs. The web guru guy hands them this piece of machinery, and the fear of technology plus the misconception that there’s a “right and wrong” way to communicate in a blog hold them back from actually doing anything.

What To Write In Your Business Blog

The truth is that today’s online communication is delightfully free. You can attract your ideal clients, simply by loving what you do and being yourself on your blog. (Well, to some extent, anyway – I wouldn’t recommend unleashing personal rants or highly controversial viewpoints on your business blog).

Below, discover the benefits of blogging for your business and take a look at the different ways you can “spin” your blog’s content in a way that works to build you credibility and bring in business.


Answer a question

What business will this blog be about? Hopefully something that you’re fairly experienced and knowledgeable about. Focus a great number of blog posts on responding to questions that either imaginary or actual people ask about your industry, take some courses on professional writing. If you have trouble thinking of things your readers may want to know, then invite them to submit their questions to you via email. Publish your responses, and include their name, company name, and link back to their website if they also have an online business.


Share company news

Have you recently instated a new business policy, created a product, launched a new website, or been interviewed by the media? Then share that news with the world via your blog. Announcing company news helps to keep your name in the public eye and lends a professional, current feel to your blog. This can only serve as a boon to your business. 

Invite people to critique your products

The most powerful companies in the world leverage the power of the internet to get feedback about their products and services with the intention of making them better. What better place to initiate a constructive discussion about your offerings than right on the company blog? Don’t worry if not every review is a glowing one. Your success will hinge on your ability to respond in a respectful, professional manner, as well as your ability to problem-solve on the fly.


Post articles

The articles you share on your blog should serve as a guide to people who want to learn more about your industry. They can also showcase other experts in complementary industries. This will work to boost your credibility, as well as create strategic partnerships with professionals in fields with whom you may share customers. Don’t forget to include a professional bio at the bottom of your article, along with a call to action letting people know how and where to contact you. 


Announce your latest promotions

You may be offering special limited time only price breaks, bundle packages, and other incentives to get people to purchase your products and services. Maybe you have a seasonal business, and you want to remind/entice people to call for your services at certain times of the year. A blog is the ideal place to accomplish this. 


Publish your company newsletter

If you send a newsletter via email, you should also let non-subscribers know when the latest issue has hit. Don’t be afraid to publish the issue on your blog – it won’t deter people from signing up to have your company news delivered to their email inbox. Be sure to sign up with a permission-based email marketing service if you don’t already do this.

Once you get into the habit of posting fresh content to your blog, it will become second nature. All your fear of communication will dissipate, and you’ll find yourself relishing the chance to meet people all over the world who may one day decide to do business with you – all because you published a terrific, informative, professional blog!