On 15 Jan., 2019

Letus find out “How long can you live without water”.


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Water is an essential need for human survival. Our body is totally dependent on water for its anatomy and physiology. The human brain is made up of 95%water, blood 82% and lungs 90%. If the water level drops in our body one feels dehydrated, fuzzy and lack of concentration, water works as a lubricant to digest food, it also lubricates our joints to make them functional more friendly. Even our eyeballs too depend on water as lubrication to work properly and stay healthy.

Letus find out “How long can you live without water”.

Human body excretes out water through sweat and urination for which it needs lot of fluids to replenish. One may not survive for long without consuming healthy amount of water, only for few days one can survive without water. A human can survive without foodfor three weeks but cannot sustain long without water, typically one can long for 3 to 4 days only without water.

Human body constantly lose water that’s why drinking only a glass water in a day is not sufficient which is why one needs to drink 10 - 12 glasses of water every day to replace the water lost through sweating, respiration and urination.

When dehydration causes a loss of more than 10 % of your body weight, it is a medical emergency and if water isnot reversed it may lead to death.

How long can you live without water?

It’s a very simple question because answer to it is quite complicated as there is no certain figure has been assessed, survival without water depends on variable factors complying with one’ssurvival time and circumstances,a child left alone in a hot car, exercising in extreme hot weather, working in harsh heated environment may lead to sudden death due to lack of water intake and extreme conditions. An adult working in comfortable environment can survive for a week without water or less water.

75% of an adult body is made up of water and its function is dependent on it. How long can you survive without water depends on fluids intake, one must consume good amount of water, beverages and juice except alcohol to keep the body hydrated.

There are several importantthings in human beings life like phones and internet and a day without them is like body without soul but sustaining without water is definitely not possible.