5 Careers You Can Pursue With a Marketing Degree

On 29 Nov., 2018

Meanwhile, studying marketing at a graduate level would definitely make you think about the careers opportunities you have in your hands. And you wouldn’t be surprised to know there are a number of careers you can pursue once you get done with your graduation.

5 Careers You Can Pursue With a Marketing Degree

The dynamic business world is ever evolving, and so does the methods of conducting different operations. We have entered a stage of time where we can easily sell a product across the globe in just a few seconds and let anyone take our services from thousands of miles away. The internet continues to bring ease in the global trade while making products and services more accessible to millions across the world. Here, making practitioners in the field of marketing more exciting and beneficial for any individual around the world!

If you are wondering what you can do with a marketing degree, below you have listed the 5 most interesting and rewarding you can pursue with one.

1. Marketing Research Analyst

Being a marketing research analyst you can get the responsibilities of examining the competitive landscape in your business domain. You will find yourself working at a responsible position in your organization researching, analyzing, interpreting data regarding products and services consumers use around the world. You will get the opportunity to develop and execute different marketing campaigns for your organization. Also, you will get good growth opportunities, impressive salary packages, along with different perks and benefits.

2. Brand Marketing Manager

Both national and multi-national corporations are always interested to hire individuals that can market their brand efficiently in different segments. Good branding allows a product or service to get in the mind of the target market, hence require effective marketing strategy.

As a brand marketing manager, you will have the responsibility to define and promote your product to your targeted consumers. Meanwhile, taking care of the brand's outlook including logo designs, brand colors, marketing messages etc. A career in brand marketing is financially very rewarding and often leads to a lavish lifestyle.

3. Sales Manager

Being a sales manager is finding oneself at one of the most positions in an organization. Although working as a sales manager brings a lot of responsibility on one's shoulders. But the financial benefits that come along with the position are exceptional.

Working as a sales manager you will be overseeing local and regional sales manager in your organization, making reports on overall sales and regulate profitability. A degree in the marketing field will help you land at a good position in the sales department where you can extremely find yourself working on the top of your organizational hierarchy.

4. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Undeniably social media is catching everyone's attention in today's time. Here, it has opened wide doors of opportunities to pursue career as a professional social media marketing specialist.

Strong customer focused writing skills and the ability to divert consumers' attention towards your product or services is the main goal of social media professionals. Techniques that you will master through your degree program!

5. Marketing Copywriter

Compelling marketing copy is the recipe of success for any product or service. And the demand for marketing copywriters is ever increasing. Marketing copywriters have a strong grip on the consumers 'behavior and the ability to divert consumers' attention towards their product through their compelling content.

A degree in marketing will allow you to pursue a career as marketing copywriter where you can work in-house or as a freelance writer writing for different campaigns, digital, print media etc. As of study, it is one of the most talked about a career in the field of marketing.

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