Artificial Intelligence Development Company in California

On 28 Nov., 2018

DxMinds is the Best Artificial Intelligence Company in California, USA.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company in California

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, so it is also called Machine Intelligence.

Businesses are using AI to predict our buying behavior, better understand our requests, or even help us manage our day. New virtual assistants understand our language and can even joke with us while we sit in the car.

At DxMinds, we have understood its true potential and just like other technologies, we are prepared and geared up to tap into the potential of AI.

Today, artificial intelligence has made its way out of labs and into our daily lives. And judging by the pace of activity in the startup community and major IT powerhouses, AI will only grow in its ability to help us get things done.

AI solutions today are mostly backed by the big players in the IT industry. For example, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and IBM’s Watson, Microsoft all of them have created AI-based solutions and giving enough scope to developers to build the next generation AI products for different clients. We also see a new wave of AI solutions from smaller start-up companies as well.

We are heavily dependent on Artificial Intelligence, for example when we order from Amazon, ask Siri for directions, chat with a customer service representative, get fashion recommendations or add a suggested friend on Facebook, fraud detection, music recommendations, the list just goes on.