SEO vs. ASO: Are They Similar in Terms Of Optimization?

On 25 Oct., 2018

Majority of website makers are familiar with the term SEO, but what about ASO?

SEO vs. ASO: Are They Similar in Terms Of Optimization?

The upcoming market trends of business are providing new sources for marketing. With the increase in the demands of global business users, new marketing platforms are emerging day by day. Majority of website makers are familiar with the term SEO, but what about ASO?

To understand the difference between SEO and ASO, we need to optimize the need of data whether on the search engine or on the mobile applications. Of course, the difference between these two lies on which platform you are using data. The most usable and hand able device, mobile is the best medium to search anything you want. Searching for a single thing on the World Wide Web takes a lot of time. To save this ample time the need of mobile applications is increasing. Let me give you a hint, SEO is all about optimization of search engines while ASO is related to mobile optimization. Now, we get to some hint related to these two terms but we still have to know the explanation that will help to understand us clearly.

 SEO, the most common term for websites makers where you can optimize your website in such a way so that the visibility of your website on the search engine becomes higher.

When we talk about ASO, most of the people are not familiar with it. ASO, the common terms for android developers which stand for Apps store Optimization, is used to improve the rank of your mobile applications so that people get to know the particular app. It helps to improve the visibility of mobile applications when it comes to the top ranking process.

Like a coin has two sides, likewise optimization also has two folds, the first one depends on you that how you represent your website or applications in front of people so that it looks captivating and the other side depends on how you provide keywords so that it makes easier for the visitors to find the thing they are searching. We can differentiate SEO and ASO on the basis of these factors:-

• Ranking:

If you want to understand the ranking factor, then let me give you the live example. If you type any keyword associated with your search then you will see the series of keywords interconnected to your searched keywords. This process needs lots of time when the search engine like Google collects data from various resources. In the other case, when you search on the app store or play store then you will get the list of applications associated with your search.

• Keyword hunt:       

This is the most important factor to visualize your act of scouting. Keyword research pushes your application to the top of the chart. When application developers use the defined keywords in their applications then it helps in improving the visibility of that particular app to the people and this will get them ranked high like 10.3 percent. This optimization process is also followed by SEO users.

• Ratings and Reviews:

Apart from ranking, the ratings and reviews of people also matter. Individuals don’t choose that website or download a particular application if they find the bad reviews. This will add bad effects on the business. In one of the way, they served as social media proofs which demonstrate the number of likings it got from the users which will eventually increase the demands.

From the above-discussed factors, it has been concluded that both SEO and ASO are optimization techniques which are posses’ different factors which helps in the development of your business. We see the “Keyword Density” in SEO while ASO measures the keywords in the development of the new application. Both have specifications in marketing tactics and play a different role in their respective website and apps.

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