On 23 Oct., 2018

With the speed of the transmission of business information and the speed of communication between science and technology, all communication behaviors are extremely efficient.


. Visual communication texts must be highly coordinated, as well as simple and clear. Everyone knows that at the same time, it is aesthetically pleasing, generous, and individual. Only when these requirements are met can we design a better logo design that represents the image of this company. The corporate logo is not only a simple pattern; it is a symbol and logo with commercial value to a certain extent. Because it is designed to a certain extent, it is composed of some combinations, and it is still a corporate culture. It is the representative of the company’s concept, with artistic character and product of art.

In real life, some companies want to achieve better development. They all choose to design a logo for their corporate brand. The excellent corporate logo design has the characteristics of concise recognition, individuality and permanence. The logo is the best spokesperson for the corporate image and brand image. This means that the company’s brand image can express its image very clearly through a small logo design.

PROCESS OF DESIGNING A GOOD CORPORATE LOGO - Of course, a good logo design is not so easy to design. Every corporate logo design must not only undergo the designer’s unique creative concept, repeated simulation test in the creation process, and the process of repeated revision and evaluation. Finally, after the idea is released, the customer’s scrutiny and the market’s tests; so the logo design is simple, but it creates some representative symbols. The company’s business philosophy, corporate culture, business content, company size, product characteristics and other factors are passed to the public through the unique design of the corporate brand logo. Thus, the overall understanding of the company and the image of this product is increased.

There are many advantages in brand image logo design, and it also follows some design methods. The corporate image logo design is mainly three kinds of abstract, figurative and non-pattern font logos.

· It attracts the user's eye through the organic combination of different colors.

· It is the core of the visual image.

· It is the basic feature of the corporate image. At the same time, it is not only the dominant force that mobilizes all visual elements, but also the center of integrating all visual elements.

· It is the representative of the public and the enterprise. Therefore, the image design of the brand enterprise is very important.