What To Do When Your Canon Printer Stop Working?

On 21 Feb., 2018

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What To Do When Your Canon Printer Stop Working?

Printers are the most frequent and most fundamental devices used by companies, homes, offices, schools, etc. to fulfill their different printing needs. A printer is used to generate a hard copy of everything from beautiful images, photos, papers, to simple documents, etc.

Canon printers are the most trusted printing devices that people put in their belief too. Those who are facing any technical problem in using their Canon printer can avail assistance with the same by calling up Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number.

Common Issues You May Face With Canon Printer:

Print quality issues- One of the most common issues is to get a poorly printed paper with smeared lines, letters, half paper inside the printer, etc. the main problem you need to do is to check your ink/toner cartridge if it's empty. Change the empty cartridge with a new one. If it's not empty, then clean the printer with a clean, dry cloth. Sometimes, the dirt or dry toner layers expand inside the device and cause a problem in quality printing.

Corrupt Drivers- If your printer's driver has gone faulty then take away it and download latest, suitable driver to continue the functions. A driver is a software that sets communication between a printer and a laptop. It advises that you download drivers from your vendor's or publisher's website. These have a list of devices and their compatible drivers. Also, if you updated your software (OS) or laptop or purchased a new printer however it's an out-dated software CD, you should install latest, compatible drivers for your printer to work.

Faulty ink/toner cartridge- Make sure that the ink or toner cartridge isn't defective. If it is, then change it. Even factory built-in toners can malfunction because of manufacturing flaws. Also, before the exchange, the toner cartridge, always clean out your printer with a clean, dry cloth just to make sure that dirt or dry toner flakes aren't creating the problem.

Out of paper, paper jam, no response- If the paper tray has no paper, almost empty, or clogged, it's possible to cause a problem. Keep the tray full so that it does not stop working owing to a paper shortage. If the printer appears to jam, then open it up and hold for assuring that not even a fragment of paper is stuck inside.

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