Welcome Your New Employee With These Promotional Products In Sydney

On 6 Feb., 2018

New employees are always a delight for an organisation. Acknowledging them with promotional items is always recommended by experts. This will increase the efficiency in their efforts. To know more read the post.

Welcome Your New Employee With These Promotional Products In Sydney


It is always good to grow your team. We know that hiring process is tiring yet crucial. You need to be precise in everything. Only after that, an employee is finalised. He proves himself better than the others for your organisation and agreed to be an asset to your company. What next?

Don’t you think that acknowledging his efforts will be a great idea? Yes, it is actually. We usually neglect these small moments where we can actually build empathy. Offering a promotional product to your new employee will not only help you build empathy with your employee, he will also feel welcome and valued in your organisation. This will enhance his efforts for your business.

In this post, we have enlisted some of the promotional product ideas for your new employees that will help you to leverage the pros of a promotional product in Sydney. In addition to that, we will love to give you some additional tips on how to give these welcome gift with a strong emotional trigger.

The Exclusive List Of Promotional Items To Welcome Your New Employee

Here is the list which will help you in deciding the appropriate welcome gift for your new employee.

  1. Coffee mug
  2. Reusable bag
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Lunchbox
  5. Cap
  6. Notebook and pen
  7. Infusion drink bottle
  8. Stationery set
  9. Drawstring bag
  10. Keychain

While making a decision based on this list, we would like to mark a point that there is always room for creativity for customising a promotional product.

Now, let’s move to the tips that you will find helpful in selecting the promotional gifts for your new employees. Let’s get you started,

Select A Gift That Makes Them Feel A Part Of The Pack

Design a welcome gift for your new employees which communicate a welcoming message to them. They must feel welcome or else everything will be in vain. When you gift them company-branded promotional merchandise, there will be a connection between you and your new employee.

For the same reason, fans wear uniforms to match their favourite team, employees at a company use branded products because they have a sense of pride in the company and they are unified to the team. Including branded welcome gifts for new employees will help them feel this sense of unity with the team right from the get-go.

Match Your Brand With The Promotional Item

No second thoughts on why you should include your logo, style and colour to match it with your brand. Not just matching that, you also must match it with the designation and the role your new employee is in your company.

Is your team very casual? Maybe choose to include a branded T-Shirt rather than a button-down. Will the new employee’s role require them to be on the road travelling often? Instead of a branded coffee mug, swap it for a travel mug.

Does your company have a wellness program that encourages employees to be active outside? Include a branded cap to encourage participation in the company activities. Will your new team member be taking clients golfing often? Include a nice, branded polo shirt!

What Do You Think?

So, what you think of this? What you prefer to do? Will you just take a leap of faith on your new employee with an orientation and get over with it? If yes, then you seriously need to rethink the scenario here.

Visit Promosource Australia, One of the elite organisation of promotional products Sydney and We will help you customise your welcome kit. Give the value your new employees deserve and you will get the effort from them exactly the way you want. Adios for now!