Books and eBook on Augmented Reality

On 12 Dec., 2017

Augmented Reality means virtual objects augment the actual or physical reality by superimposing virtual reality on the views of viewers who are looking at real-world objects or environment.

Books and eBook on Augmented Reality

Such enhancements of reality by virtual overlapping provide awesome user experiences and meaningful application that we hardly can image. The technology has passed its infantile stage and now growing in the real-world market with tons of applications and use-cases.

The Pokémon Go is an excellent success example for Augmented Reality applications in the gaming industry. Looking at the success, many have tried on various implications of AR (Augmented Reality) technologies in different fields.

In due course, the market has several books and eBook on the subject of Augmented Reality. These books and eBook are describing the basic concepts of Augmented Reality, how it works, and where it implemented.

Let’s check some books and eBook in due course.

#1 - Handbook of Augmented Reality


Furht, Borko (Ed.)


  • The book provides a detailed overview of the prime concepts of Augmented Reality, relevant technologies, and applications.
  • It also explores the upcoming trends in the field of Augmented Reality including 3D and wireless AR.
  • The book offers guidance on current and on-going AR research as well as gives hints on future trends in the AR field.
  • It supplements case studies and examples produced by the leading experts in the AR field.

Table of Content:

It consists of total 33 chapters written by different authors, and the list is as follows.

Title of the Chapter



New Augmented Reality Taxonomy: Technologies and Features of Augmented Environment

Hugues, Olivier (et al.)


Visualization Techniques for Augmented Reality

Kalkofen, Denis (et al.)



Mobile Augmented Reality Game Engine

Gu, Jian (et al.)


Head-Mounted Projection Display Technology and Applications

Hua, Hong (et al.)


Wireless Displays in Educational Augmented Reality Applications

Kaufmann, Hannes (et al.)


Mobile Projection Interfaces for Augmented Reality Applications

Löchtefeld, Markus (et al.)


Interactive Volume Segmentation and Visualization in Augmented Reality

Tawara, Takehiro


Virtual Roommates: Sampling and Reconstructing Presence in Multiple Shared Spaces

Sherstyuk, Andrei (et al.)


Large Scale Spatial Augmented Reality for Design and Prototyping

Marner, Michael R. (et al.)


Markerless Tracking for Augmented Reality

Herling, Jan (et al.)


Enhancing Interactivity in Handheld AR Environments

Hirakawa, Masahito (et al.)


Evaluating Augmented Reality Systems

Dünser, Andreas (et al.)


Situated Simulations of Virtual Reality and Mobile Augmented Reality: Designing a Narrative Space

Liestøl, Gunnar


Referencing Patterns in Collaborative Augmented Reality

Chastine, Jeff


QR Code Based Augmented Reality Applications

Kan, Tai-Wei (et al.)


Evolution of a Tracking System

Lieberknecht, Sebastian (et al.)


Navigation Techniques in Augmented and Mixed Reality: Crossing the Virtuality Continuum

Grasset, Raphael (et al.)


Survey of Use Cases for Mobile Augmented Reality Browsers

Jackson, Tia (et al.)


Augmented Reality for Nano-Manipulation

Xi, Ning (et al.)


Augmented Reality in Psychology

Juan, M. Carmen (et al.)


Environmental Planning Using Augmented Reality

Shen, Jie


Mixed Reality Manikins for Medical Education

Sherstyuk, Andrei (et al.)


Augmented Reality Applied To Edutainment

Juan, M. Carmen (et al.)


Designing Mobile Augmented Reality Games

Wetzel, Richard (et al.)


Network Middleware for Large Scale Mobile and Pervasive Augmented Reality Games

Ferreira, Pedro (et al.)


3D Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality for Image-Guided Surgery

Liao, Hongen


Augmented Reality in Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering

Ong, S. K. (et al.)


Using Augmentation Techniques for Performance Evaluation in Automotive Safety

Nilsson, Jonas (et al.)


Augmented Reality in Product Development and Manufacturing

Ong, S. K. (et al.)


Military Applications of Augmented Reality

Livingston, Mark A. (et al.)


Augmented Reality in Exhibition and Entertainment for the Public

Huang, Yetao (et al.)


GIS and Augmented Reality: State of the Art and Issues

Hugues, Olivier (et al.)



#2 - Augment’s Essential Guide to Augmented Reality


Augment []


The eBook provides everything a retailer wants to know regarding using augmented reality in the retail industry. It also provides how to drive business goals in the ever-evolving retail industry.

Table of Content:

It consists of only three chapters.

  • Chapter 1: A Brief History of AR in Retail
    • Retail Giants Leveraging Augmented Reality
  • Chapter 2: Innovation in Online Retail
    • Milestones of Ecommerce Innovation
    • What’s in Store for the Future of Retail?
  • Chapter 3: Augmented Reality for Retail
    • The Challenges of AR
    • Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey
    • The Advantages of Augmented Commerce

#3 - Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR 1st Edition, Kindle Edition


Greg Kipper & Joseph Rampolla (Authors)


  • The book educates the readers regarding Augmented Reality and how to use AR technology regardless of industry.
  • It describes AR in details and provides ideas ranging from new business applications to anything else you can imagine to implement AR technology.
  • It includes real examples and case studies for a range of applications.

Table of Content:

It consists of four chapters.

  1. What is Augmented Reality?
  2. The types of Augmented Reality
  3. The value of Augmented Reality
  4. The value of Augmented Reality-public safety, the military, and the law
  5. Innovators and organizations

#4 - Pro Android Augmented Reality


Sood & Raghav


  • The book provides the foundation for the Android-based Augmented Reality application development by using Android hardware and software.
  • It offers lessons on building blocks like marker and LBS.
  • It enables you to build Augmented Reality rich media apps.

Table of Content:

  1. Applications of Augmented Reality         
  2. Basics of Augmented Reality on the Android Platform
  3. Adding Overlays
  4. Artificial Horizons
  5. Common and Uncommon Errors and Problems
  6. A Simple Location-Based App Using Augmented Reality and the Maps API
  7. A Basic Navigational App Using Augmented Reality, the GPS, and Maps
  8. A 3D Augmented Reality Model Viewer
  9. An Augmented Reality Browser

#5 - Augmented Reality


Deborah S. Ray-By


It provides a technological vision of Augmented Reality applications in various fields and industries.

Table of Content:

There are seven chapters.

  1. Engineering New Realities in Augmented Reality by Grant Imahara
  2. Augmented Reality: Beyond Gaming to Real-World Solutions by Peter Brown
  3. AR Hardware Ready to Serve Industrial Use Cases by Majeed Ahmad
  4. Augmented Reality Improves Medical Education and Health Care by Steven Keeping
  5. Vision Systems and Photometric Sensors Bring Augmented Reality into View by Paul Golata
  6. Augmented Reality in Architecture: Building Bridges or Just Castles In the Air? By Sylvie Barak
  7. DIY Augmented Reality Possible with a Simple 8-bit MCU by JPaul Carpenter


We have explored the handful of books and eBook on Augmented Reality technology. There are many books published in the market but presented five references have the reviews and required details to start your Augmented Reality app development project on iOS or Android mobile OS platforms.

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