Skyer Technologies - The Art of Creation

On 28 Oct., 2017

The team behind the Skyer has years of R&D experience from leading high-tech companies. Leveraging on our different backgrounds, we create products with unique structure and system in order to give the best solutions for the world’s needs. We provide a wide range of services starting from requirements specification till prototyping and preparation for mass production including business plan and strategy.

Skyer Technologies - The Art of Creation


From early stage of idea over the all development phases to functional prototype and mass production readiness.Outstanding thinking of our team and huge experience in R&D provide us a possibility to bring almost any idea to real functioning prototype. Starting with product requirements through all stages of DR’s in a fields of Mechanical Engineering , Electrical Engineering and Software design.


Analog and digital circuits design, high speed signals ,power circuits, back-plane and distribution applications. Functional, analog and digital simulations. Power and signal integrity simulations. System diagram preparation in flat orhierarchic structure. PCB design and manufacturing. PCBA assembly for prototype products. Prototypes POC test and full functional test.


Micro-controller software development in wide range of platforms, sensing different types of signals and controlling digital and electro-mechanical switches. Flexible Modules integration using different types of controllers communicating by serial , Bluetooth or WiFi methods. Functional and Graphics Mobile Applications development on both IOS and Android platforms. Testing and burning software preparation.


Using sub-contractors in Israel and China, we can provide almost any type of mechanical or electronic prototype concepts. Electrical modules integration and testing.  Prototype assembly and testing. Product preparation for mass production. Testing procedures requirement and preparation.


Skyer Technologies - The Art of Creation