Upcoming online 1v1 warrior game

On 8 Sept., 2017

It is my own game project as a part time work and I am sure my idea will drive me a big success. It is a online 1v1 game but I choose to avoid the Real time network communication, instead boom beach style game.

Upcoming online 1v1 warrior game

Archery blitz

Archery blitz is my own game project for online players.

I am making the game with Unity 5 and I use photon or pomelo or backend service.

It does not need too much of network communication while playing the game so that do not need high tech of network sync and too much fee of cloud networking service, yet really cool game with similar idea with boom beach, but advanced and more addictive idea.

I avoid the tedious building up time issue on boom beach style game so the player will only focus on fighting strategy, not others such as economics, deplomatic strategies.

It also include powering up the attack, shield skills purchasing new equipments, guards and so on.

I do not mention the details of project idea as I am sure it is a brillient idea!