The Importance of a Logo Design in Business or Company

On 29 Jun., 2017

A business logo appears on everything that links itself to a particular company, like the company letterhead, business cards, and other marketing collateral of a business as its graphic representation or symbol. Essentially, the logo is the first thing a viewer may notice after visiting the site or reading the text.

The Importance of a Logo Design in Business or Company
A good logo must be simple, timeless, memorable, appropriate and versatile, but simultaneously conjure up the feeling one wants his/her target audience to link with your business.
Although the logo designs could have roots from ancient civilizations that utilized pictures to communicate words and concepts, logo beginnings more specifically came out in the 13th century. When goldsmiths’ marks and watermarks by the paper makers as trademarks emerged.
Four general categories of the logos exist: Word-mark (Text), Letter mark (Initials), Brand mark (Symbol or Icon), Combination Mark (Text and Symbol) and Emblem (Text inside Symbol). Word mark affordable logo designs use recognizable words as a logo (example: Barbie). The words appear in unique shapes, fonts and sizes. Letter mark logo designs make use of the initials of the brand name as a logo (example: IBM logo represents International Business Machines). Brand mark logos tend to be abstract as the design and can work well globally (example: Nike’s swoosh). Combination mark logos are any mixture of text and symbol. An example of this is Pizza Hut. The emblems involve placing text within the symbol to make the two practically inseparable.
In most cases, the shape of a logo is relevant to or correlates with the business. For example, the icon of a high-heeled shoe can signify an upscale-ladies’ shoe boutique, similarly a bold monogram can stands for the business name starting with those initials. The color should be bold as well as appealing, but not overwhelming or clumsy. The logo should be trademarked & put to use on everything carrying the business name
A good logo design shows the overall essence of the concerned business. It portrays a business’s positive, professional, stable and reliable side. The logo promotes awareness about the company and allows it to stand out from other competitors in the market. It expresses the values and services of a business in a memorable visual picture. In essence, when someone considers a company logo, it should invoke the appropriate feelings regarding the business or its brand. For example, when someone look at the Disney logo, they should get the sense of whimsy and fun.

It is hard to develop a simple, yet effective logo to display on a business card and a billboard. Complex designs may work well on a grand scale, but possibly contain overmuch detail for a small display. Also, it is equally difficult to come up with a timeless logo—how a logo design communicates the business brand for 2 or 3 decades from its creation. To get a logo professionally designed, a business must be eager to invest in an experienced custom logo design agency that will spend time truly finding out what the business represents and craft an image that reflects it.