Four Key Points for Successful CRM Implementation

On 17 Jul., 2016

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business management system that enables an organization to effectively manage its sales and marketing activities. CRM can drastically improve your organization's business results.

Four Key Points for Successful CRM Implementation

Today, there are many alternatives to software and suppliers. How can we get optimal results with minimum time?
For this purpose we have prepared a few key points to consider when implementing a CRM in your organization:

Analyzing the need and setting goals
First, make a list of the problems you are facing now, including a list of your weak spots.
In addition, prepare a list of other actions you would like the system to take.
Prepare your list in an Excel file. It would make it easier to order the list, add costs for each item and see the big picture.
Arrange your list in descending order - item with the highest importance on top and the less importance in the bottom.

Consider hiring an experienced professional to analyze your needs. A professional consultant can shorten the process and improve the overall results significantly.  

Start with minimal content
Remember the Pareto principle (80 – 20 rule) - if we take care of 20% of our most painful problems, we will improve results by 80%.
Treating 80% of our less painful problems will improve results in only 20%. Moreover, in the probable case that the project's cost is divided more or less equally, the solution of less important problems takes up 80% of project's budget.

Work in stages
Following the previous point, it is recommended to control your investment and start with small steps. Once you learn the new system, you will know where you need to invest next.

Remember, smaller steps are easier to and faster to approve. It will also enable you to enjoy the fruits of the system earlier.

CRM Expert Selection
The CRM expert is a crucial element for the success your CRM implementation.
Choose an experienced CRM consulting company, with a convincing record. It's a long term relationship, not a one time project.
A good CRM expert should study your business thoroughly. The expert will review your requirements and will make sure that the proposed solutions indeed serves your goals. Provide the expert with full cooperation on your end. Your cooperation and full disclosure will enable the expert to plan and deliver the best results.


Obviously the list of tips is endless. I have chosen to address the most important ones, the ones