Emojis - the new way to show emotions

On 14 Jul., 2016

- Are Emojis the new way to show emotions and what does this say about us

Emojis - the new way to show emotions

Got a smile for me? Are you sad? happy? angry? worried? feeling mean? busy? what??? So many words to describe feelings, and if you go into poetry you can use many words to describe a single concept. Take for example feeling "alone" by Edgar Alan Poe:

                    "From childhood's hour I have not been
                     As others were; I have not seen
                     As others saw; I could not bring
                     My passions from a common spring"
Four sentences to describe one feeling, and I could go and find several much longer verses, poems and other literature creations, that try to describe this emotion, these feelings or thoughts. 

Yet today, when someone sends me a message of feeling alone, he or she will probably send me this:

And I will understand, without needing to read four sentences or more.

So, does that mean that we are becoming more sensitive, that a picture is enough to make us understand? or does it mean that we are getting insensitive, that only a picture can make us understand? Can you make sense of this?

I  wonder about this, haven't really got the right answer. My work as a developer makes me use symbols, items and pointers to explain, direct and clarify, so I use a language of symbols throughout my work, but when it comes to real life, to human relationships....