NoS Taxi - Pre build Taxi Script like Uber & Ola!

On 17 Jun., 2016

A complete Replica of Uber/Ola to make your taxi business more compatible as per user’s requirement and met with the latest trends appears in the industry.

NoS Taxi - Pre build Taxi Script like Uber & Ola!

While calling for a taxi is the traditional and out of trend approach, “NoS Taxi” is a trendy way to make a user more comfortable. It contains everything that a user wants, even a business needed too, like – current status of nearby taxis, time to reach at the destination, online ride booking, scheduled rides, previous orders, coupons, user status, complaints and reviews, revised fares, etc.

Why should user prefers an app?

For their ease, comfort and one click reach, user always wants an app that will make their efforts compact like taxi booking. Several apps are already running in the industry and user prefers to use them, but they genuinely look for new ones as well.

What makes a user convertible?

Neither an attractive design, nor the functionality, the combination of both makes a user convertible.

For an example, “person A” runs a taxi app having a great UI that always lead a user to visit app store, whereas “person B” have a different taxi application with a great functionality that lead a user to book a ride, but its visitor counts are lesser than A. Then who will gain a great ROI? Is that Person A or Person B? Unfortunately, both apps loose a lot of conversions due to their different lack points.

One has an attractive layout that increase reach and second have smooth functionality that lead conversions, but one loose a user due to its complexity whereas second loose due to a worst UI. So, along with a great UI, user specific and device centered features also required to convert a user, just like NoS Taxi!

What we have in NoS Taxi?

Nos Taxi is a product of NOTO Solutions and have complete options like others from passenger app to driver app and admin panels to recommendations & coupons. Even we have authorized to make changes from base to features, as per a client’s need.

In the current version of Taxi App, which is a replica of Uber/Ola, we have implemented features like:

  • Ride Booking option at Passenger side
  • Current Status of nearby taxis at booking screen
  • Scheduled Booking option at Passenger side
  • Admin access to bookings, confirmations, etc.
  • Driver acknowledgement through admin panel
  • Passenger and Driver acknowledgement option on Admin panel
  • Passengers detail checking and confirmation option at Driver Side
  • Pickup, Ride Duration and Root option at Driver panel
  • Driver review option at Passenger Panel
  • Payments, Reviews and ratings analysis option on Admin Panel, etc.

Take a look at the flow of App beneath:

NoS Taxi - A Product by NOTO Solutions Flow

How much it will cost?

The cost of an app depends on the requirements and the features that you want. And for the quote, you can contact us directly by making a call at +91-9829418959 or mail us your requirements at