Tips to maximize your push notifications

On 5 May, 2016

Handling correctly your push notifications may preserve a loyal audience and may grow your app exposure. Research have found that although a lot of people block push notifications from their Apps, still there are many who keeps them and those are likely to use the app which sent the notifications and even stay in it longer than others (at least by 2-3 times more). So obviously it is important to know how to maximize your notifications and avoid becoming a stalker.

Tips to maximize your push notifications

Here are some tips which can improve your push notifications:

  1. Think carefully of what your app is used for and which are the updates that interest the most for your users and how often will they want to have them.
  2. Try to make the push notifications more personal by sending it to the active users and less to those who are inactive.
  3. Push notifications are supposed to be used a fast and direct communication channel with your users. Therefore, turn them more personal also by using (carefully) information you have about previous behavior of your users, or his profile details. For example: If one bought a digital book, you can send him sales on book from the same category. You can also add his first name into the message title and you can schedule the message to be sent at the time he most likely to see it. 
    Doing that may increase the chance this user will buy from you again by 20%!! 
  4. Try not to harass too much
    Push notifications can harm our user experience when using another app. Let's say you are now reading a digital book on your mobile and you receive push notifications, they take a part of your screen and they can make sounds in order to draw attention.
    So when sending your notifications, try not to draw too much attention. It may seems like you need to do just the opposite, but it's not true. Sending short and not too noisy notifications will have better results. Also try to use aimog'i icons, it will increase the chance to draw the users attention.
  5. Last thing - analysis and improvement
    You must analyze your push notifications campaign in order to turn it to a very powerful marketing tool. Otherwise, there is no much point in sending them...
    So what shall you pay attention to?
    Each notification has a purpose, for example: encourage buying, sharing, get opinion, save users, etc.
    Use some analysis tools such as Funnel analysis or flurry, in order to get the opening message rates, dropping rates and follow events occurred in the app after opening the messages.
    You can also try your campaign with different audiences or use different texts in the messages in order to find which approach works better for your app.

You can read more details here.

Good Luck!!