For Immediate Release Media Contact - Fleep21 Launcher

On 4 Mar., 2016

Fleep21 announes the launch of an all-in-one online and digital solutions platform

For Immediate Release Media Contact - Fleep21 Launcher

Get solutions to your entire digital and online problem on this simple and easy-to-use online platform

Technological advancement has been able to make living easier, simpler and even more effective with different software applications and hardware resources creating easier and more efficient platforms for people and businesses to communicate more efficiently and make living worth the while. The internet has made it even more comfortable, becoming the go-to place for many businesses and individual solutions due to the several resources that are inherent in the system.

The different costs associated with using these resources have however inhibited the efficient use of the resources with people and businesses especially those trying to cut cost, avoiding the utilization of some relatively expensive resources that would have otherwise made their job easier and relief them of some stress. Fleep21 has considered the different obstacles and hindrances faced by digital solution seekers to develop an online platform that has come to be the one-stop solution for all digital issues.

The all-in-one platform has been able to attract over fifteen thousand visitors per month from across the globe, with over two thousand users enjoying the different resources on the website for absolutely free. The site has been able to record such tremendous success in just over a year of its existence thanks to the availability of different problem-solving resources, with over ninety percent of these resources available for free.

The several resources and platforms that help for an easier and more effective digital life in Fleep21 include an eBook platform, Fleep21 TV that allows users get the latest in sports, entertainment and news from across the globe, a URL shortener, a forum platform, a gaming platform, a design tool for graphic designs, and a site builder that allows people to build their websites at no cost.

Other platforms and resources on the site include a music platform, a blog, and a shopping store. More than 90 percent of the resources are available to users at no cost. With new services and platforms introduced to the website every other month, users and visitors are in for the best of technological and internet use, and the goal of reaching over 250,000 users across the globe and over 20 services and platforms can be closer than imagined.

About Fleep21

Fleep21 is a website service in Isreal and is arguably the best online solution provider and platform allowing people and business of different categories to enjoy the benefits of technology and internet without having to break the bank. This goal has been continuously pursued since the founding of the site.