Conflict Resolution with Juryclub

On 15 Sept., 2013

Did you ever feel that you are treated unfairly by someone? Did you ever feel that this time you are right, but had no one to approve it? Now you can do something about it ! Jury Club offers you the opportunity to deal with the ones you have a conflict or an argument , using the method of jury .

Conflict Resolution with Juryclub

Did you ever feel that you are treated unfairly by someone? 

Did you ever feel that this time you are right, but had no one to approve it? 

Now you can do something about it ! 
Jury Club offers you the opportunity to deal with the ones you have a conflict or an argument , using the method of jury . 
All that you have to do is: 
        - Open case against the ones you’ve been argued or had conflict with 
        - Tell your side of the story 
        - Let the other side of the conflict tell his side 
        - And invite your friends to read and vote

Why opening the case to the public?

We believe that when a new argument arises between 2 sides and many people chooses their favorite side, it gives amazing indication for both sides of who is the one that should correct his way of thinking, and who is the one that deserve to feel the relief, that everything is OK with his point of view, and may be forgive the other side, and appreciates his effort and courage for dealing with the problem in public.

Our Vision

We truly hope and believe that our users will do positive use in this network: 
        - pursue forgiveness 
        - Clarify issues they have with other friends and acquaintances. -
        - And Keep the good intentions.

 THE PUBLIC IS NEVER WRONG, so … Don’t forget to vote .. 

About Conflict Resolution

Everybody knows, resolving conflict can be very tricky. Handled improperly, attempts at conflict resolution can make the conflict hopeless. 
Researchers studied the way couples fight, and can actually predict which couples will go on to divorce by observing their conflict resolution skills or lack thereof. 
If you’re constantly criticizing your partner’s character, or shutting down during arguments rather than working through conflict in a proactive, respectful way, watch out. 
The very first experience counts BUT!!! For those who weren’t born into a family where very good conflict resolution skills were modeled on a daily basis , here are some guidelines to make conflict resolution much more simple.
First rule : Get In Touch With Your Feelings, An important component of conflict resolution involves only you knowing how you feel and why you feel that way.
It may seem you’re your feelings should already be obvious to you, but this isn’t always the case.
Sometimes we feel angry or resentful, but don’t know what is the real reason.
Sometimes, we feel that the other person isn’t doing what you think they ‘should,’ but we aren’t aware of exactly what we want from them, or if it’s even reasonable.
Journaling can be an effective way to get in touch with our own feelings, thoughts and expectations so we are better able to communicate them to the other person.
Sometimes this process brings up some pretty heavy issues, and psychotherapy can be helpful.
Improve Your Listening Skills, When it comes to effective conflict resolution, how effectively we listen is at least as important as how effectively we express ourselves.
It’s important to understand the other person’s perspective, rather than just our own, if we are to come to a resolution.
In fact, just helping the other person feel heard and understood can sometimes go a long way toward the resolution of a conflict.
Good listening also helps for you to be able to bridge the gap between the two of you, understand where the disconnect lies, etc.
Unfortunately, active listening is a skill that not everybody knows, and it’s common for people to think they’re listening, while in their heads they’re actually formulating their next response, thinking to themselves how wrong the other person is, or doing things other than trying to understand the other person’s perspective.
It’s also very common to be defensive and entrenched in your own perspective that you literally can’t hear the other person’s point of view.
Practice Assertive Communication Communicating your feelings and needs clearly is also an important aspect of conflict resolution.
As you probably know, saying the wrong thing can be like throwing fuel on a fire, and make a conflict worse.
The important thing to remember is to say what’s on your mind in a way that is clear and assertive, without being aggressive or putting the other person on the defensive.
One effective conflict resolution strategy is to put things in terms of how you feel rather than what you think the other person is doing wrong, using ‘I feel’ statements.
Seek a Solution leads to conflict resolution, Once you understand the other person’s perspective, and they understand yours, it’s time to find a resolution to the conflict a solution you both can live with.
Sometimes a simple and obvious answer comes up once both parties understand the other person’s perspective.
In cases where the conflict was based on a misunderstanding or a lack of insight to the other’s point of view, a simple apology can work wonders, and an open discussion can bring people closer together.
Other times, there is a little more work required.
In cases where there’s a conflict about an issue and both people don’t agree, you have a few options: Sometimes you can agree to disagree, other times you can find a compromise or middle ground, and in other cases the person who feels more strongly about an issue may get their way, with the understanding that they will concede the next time.
The important thing is to come to a place of understanding, and try to work things out in a way that’s respectful to all involved.
conflict resolution techniques can take you Very far in your relationships , make it a high priority.