The Guide on Parking Ticket Dispensers | Type of Paper and Software!

On 26 Nov., 2022

The Guide on Parking Ticket Dispensers | Type of Paper and Software!

The Guide on Parking Ticket Dispensers | Type of Paper and Software!

The market for parking solutions is a competitive one in worldwide. The  largest operators  are managing hundreds parking facilities with around millions parking spaces for long-term and short-term parkers. These include parking facilities at locations in cities, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and airports.

Paper Tickets with Barcodes

Many of these parking solutions rely on paper tickets with barcodes or QR codes, and in some cases RFID tickets. Most of us are familiar with the process of drawing a paper ticket for the use of a parking facility. Upon entering a parking facility, a ticket is taken to open the barrier. Before leaving the ticket is used to pay at a payment machine.

Then the ticket is inserted into the exit machine to open the barrier. The paper ticket serves as a customized identification document to determine the amount of parking fees. Paper tickets are easy to use for users of parking areas and provide a high level of process reliability for operators.

Type of Paper Ticket 

Will your end users use pre-perforated tickets or tickets made from continuous paper? Or do both options need to be available? There are a variety of manufacturers worldwide for paper tickets in fanfold or roll format. In many cases, tickets for parking machines conform to ISO standards.

ISO Standard

The format for fanfold tickets is predetermined, while for continuous tickets often only the width conforms to the ISO standard and the length can vary. A multi-technology parking ticket dispenser that supports both offers maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your end users, today and in the future.

Update the Software Firmware

The firmware of a parking ticket dispenser machine needs an update from time to time, for example to implement new functions. Usually, the locations of parking objects are geographically widely distributed. To physically visit each location and perform an update is a time-consuming task. Parking ticket dispensers, which can be updated remotely if the network infrastructure is in place, greatly simplify updates. Through a network manager, the update can be performed at the same time on all dispensers.

Payment and Exit

Can the ticket dispenser for parking tickets be adapted to the different scenarios for entry, payment and exit? Every parking object is different. What are your end user's requirements for a parking ticket dispenser? What customization options need to be available for entry, payment and exit machines?