Things That Can Go Wrong At Your Wedding Because Of Your DJ

On 23 Nov., 2022

Read this guide to learn some of the things that can go wrong at your wedding if you choose the wrong DJ.

Things That Can Go Wrong At Your Wedding Because Of Your DJ

The best DJ in Melbourne should enjoy talking to clients, especially about their wedding experiences. The sad thing is that even people who have been married for over 25 years will still look back and remember how messed up their event was because of their wedding DJ. Making someone’s bad memories should not be your goal if you want to be a successful wedding DJ. In an effort to educate you so that you do not mess up someone’s wedding, I have prepared this guide to help you understand some of the wrong things that can go wrong because of a DJ.

The couple doesn’t get the music they want

When DJs work with their wedding clients, they make custom selections for things such as first dances, entrance music, mother/son music, and father /daughter dance music. They customise and plan things from the pre-ceremony playlist to dinner music to ensure that they create the vibe that the couple intends to create on their wedding day.

If your DJ misses one of the most important cue points, the whole wedding can be messed up. Just imagine walking to the dancefloor for your first dance and instead of hearing the song you had selected, a different song comes up and you have to figure out how to dance to the song. A good DJ for hire should try as much as he can to avoid such things.

Timeline events are missed

Brides often forget that the wedding DJ has control of the flow of the event. A professional DJ will work with other vendors and coordinators and make the necessary adjustments to make up for any changes to the schedule. Sometimes, your videographer can run late with the cocktail hour or the dinner can take too long to be served. Such things are not in the control of your wedding DJ but a good DJ knows how to adjust things and ensure all of the cues are hit.

On the other hand, a bad DJ won’t be able to make the necessary adjustments and this can make your wedding flow awkwardly and cause you to run out of time for important events such as cutting the cake, your bouquet toss and first dances.

The music sucks

Music is a big deal when it comes to weddings. It is important to hire a wedding DJ who cares more about your wedding than their ego. The best DJ will work with you to determine the music you want and the music your guests want. They should be versatile and be able to play a diverse demographic and age range. They should also be able to read the mood of the room and make the necessary adjustments to keep everyone happy and prevent guests from leaving early.

Equipment failure

Equipment failure can happen to even the best DJ in Melbourne but it is how the DJ handles that situation that will differentiate him from bad DJs. A good DJ should have backup gear and set it in a way that the crowd won’t even notice what is going on.