5 Lucky Flowers to Give for Chinese New Year

On 17 Nov., 2022

A Chinese New Year celebration lasts a week, during which people spend time with their families and celebrate together.

5 Lucky Flowers to Give for Chinese New Year

A Chinese New Year celebration lasts a week, during which people spend time with their families and celebrate together. The lunar calendar determines the date of the Chinese New Year, which is different every year. People put up decorations, exchange presents, and throw parties on this auspicious occasion. The Chinese New Year is also observed in other Asian nations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. If you have put a lot of thought into choosing the right CNY flowers for 2022, what is stopping you for the coming year? Here are the top five options to make your hunt easier:


Peonies are consistently linked to wealth, peace, glory, and prosperity in Chinese mythology. The phrase "flower of riches and honor" is frequently used to describe these lovely blossoms. Peonies, especially red ones, are excellent choices for you when selecting fortunate flowers for Chinese New Year since they are recognized as flowers of riches. That is why people who celebrate CNY consider gifting peonies flowers to their loved ones in Singapore.

The flower also represents the feminine virtues of purity, charm, and devotion. Take advantage of the fact that the Chinese New Year occurs before Valentine's Day by decorating your home with peonies to create the right atmosphere.


Chrysanthemums are considered auspicious flowers during the Chinese New Year, especially ones with a bright yellow or purple hue. Consider buying the golden chrysanthemums for your home to increase your fortune and luck in the upcoming year. These blossoms are widely used to represent longevity. This makes it an especially lucky present for elderly individuals.


The kalanchoe's dark green, waxy leaves are covered with clusters of tiny flowers. The plant is considered one of the celebratory flowers during Chinese New Year because the blossoms' vivid and vibrant colors are considered auspicious and welcoming.


Cockscombs are known to spread joy and good fortune. It is characterized by its soft blooms, which resemble a rooster's comb. These roosters are considered lucky creatures. Hence cockscombs are often included in flower arrangements as a symbol of luck and success. Cockscombs are an excellent option for anyone who has trouble maintaining their New Year plants in good health because they may survive very long.

Boat Orchid

When it comes to fortunate flowers for the Chinese New Year, orchids must be included. People think orchids will bring them good fortune since they represent grace, affluence, fertility, and prosperity. The boat orchid, one of the many species of orchids, is a well-liked celebratory flower with positive connotations of pleasure, vigor, and longevity.

The Takeaway

Flowers are significant components of the Chinese New Year, in addition to auspicious foods. It's time to bring blessings and prosperity into your house with fortunate flowers as the Chinese New Year approaches. Flowers are used to decorating homes with a festive attitude, but they are more than simply a visual treat—they also have symbolic significance! Get the best flower arrangements for making your Chinese New Year 2023, just like CNY flowers in 2022.