What do moving companies move in New York today?

On 5 Nov., 2022

What would we do without moving companies

What do moving companies move in New York today?

If you have ever moved in your life, you will agree that in terms of stress and energy moving is comparable to a fire or flood. A professional moving company can help you get out of this situation with the least losses. But first, let's understand how it works, what services it offers and how much it costs.

Moving with a moving company. Where to begin?
The services of the moving company that you found on the site you need, it is better to apply a few days before the move and discuss with the manager the conditions and all the details beforehand. If the apartment is big and there are a lot of things, then the company will send you an evaluator (most often this service is free), who will determine the number of movers, type of car and call the final cost of your move.

How much will it cost?
The question of price is one of the main issues when moving. Some moving companies apply a flat rate, which includes a fee for the delivery of the car, its rental for the entire time of the move and the work of the movers. Others consider these to be different costs. In this case, the fee for filing a car is equal to the cost of 1 hour of its rental. Note that at night and on holidays, some mover companies may work on a double rate.

The mover company bears full material responsibility for the property transported, and this is stipulated in a separate clause in the contract of the parties. However, cargo insurance can also be a separate item of expenditure. If a thing gets broken or broken during transportation, an independent expert will come to you and assess the damage, and you will get compensation from the insurance company. If a moving company provides cargo insurance, the moving company itself will pay for the damage.

Confidence and safety
After signing a contract with a moving company, you can begin to prepare for your move. At an appointed time, a team of movers will come to you. You can pack your own things, and you can entrust the experienced staff of the moving company, which will quickly cope with this task. If you don't have packing materials, then you'll just have to pay for them.

Speaking of packing...
Upholstered furniture is usually covered with stretch wrap. For other furniture, as well as broken items, three layers of heavy-duty bubble wrap is fine. Cardboard is also indispensable for moving packages.

Shall we go?
Assembly and disassembly of furniture, its removal, loading and unloading are usually included in the services of movers moving company. Payment of such specialists is often hourly. Yes, please keep in mind that moving heavy objects weighing more than 100kg is considered as moving services, and this is a completely different rate. Payment for the transportation, for example, a piano or a grand piano will depend on the size and weight of the instrument, as well as the floor and the availability of elevators in the house.

About pleasures
After your belongings are carefully packed and delivered to the correct address, they will also be placed in their designated places in the new apartment, will help to assemble the furniture and adjust the equipment.