Here’s why your House Needs a Begonia Maculata

On 5 Nov., 2022

If you’re a person who is obsessed with adding pretty enchantments to your house, the Begonia Maculata is the perfect plant for you.

Here’s why your House Needs a Begonia Maculata

If you’re a person who is obsessed with adding pretty enchantments to your house, the Begonia Maculata is the perfect plant for you. The beautiful plant comes in two neat variations – polka dot and wightii. The beautiful dotted leaves can be quite a quirky addition to your interior décor.

However, before you purchase a Begonia Maculata knowing whether or not you’ll be able to take care of it is essential. Thus, here’s everything you need to know about the Begonia Maculata.


Easy Care Plants

The Begonia Maculata is a plant that’s very easy to take care of. Despite being one of the most preferred house plants for people who love gardening, the plant requires minimal effort in maintenance. Begonias do not require frequent watering. Additionally, the sun and shade requirements for Begonias are not too any. Begonias survive just fine even in dimly lit conditions. However, it is recommended you set the plant near a window that gets a bit of sunlight.


Beautiful Flowers and Foliage

Begonia house plants have beautiful flowers and foliage. The flowers look a bit different than ones of other plants. They are made of mini petals and fan out from the centre of the flower. Additionally, some variations have larger clusters of petals too. When it comes to the foliage, Begonias offer quite an exotic look. Their leaves are generally shaped like an angel wing. However, they can also be shaped as small circles and variegated edges.


High Value

Very few plants offer very high value. Begonias however are one of the rare house plants that are of very high value due to their ease of care. You can make this large, bush size plant, the focal point of your garden.


Very Popular

Not only are Begonias growing in popularity, but they have also grown in their variety. Some of the most popular varieties of this plant include dragon wing and big Begonias. Additionally, tuberous and rhizomatous begonias can grow as great houseplants. Alternatively, if you have an outdoor garden, other popular outdoor varieties are available as well!


Versatile Plants

Growing a Begonia is quite an easy task as has been explained before. However, Begonias also can be grown in a wide variety of settings. Most Begonia plants perform the best when grown in a mix of sun and shade. Partial sun exposure is often more than enough to facilitate their growth. Alternatively, you can also plant a begonia in a pot where they display a mix of vibrant colours. However, if you need another option, Begonias are perfectly comfortable growing in a hanging basket as well!!


Thus, Begonias can be a charming addition to your home. Check out the best online nurseries offering plant delivery in Singapore to get a Begonia. Such a service offers high-quality begonia plants at quite reasonable prices. Add the plant to your interior décor and amp up your home’s ambience. Plant this easy-to-care exotic plant and redesign your interior garden!