When Is The Right Time To Book A DJ?

On 19 Oct., 2022

Book a DJ well in advance so that you get a good DJ. Get all the details clear, pay your deposit and start planning your dance party, wedding or corporate event.

When Is The Right Time To Book A DJ?

Once you have set a date for your event, find a Melbourne DJ hire and book a DJ. There is no point waiting especially because people always book well in advance and it is always a bit of a struggle to get the DJ that you really want. This applies to all the factors with your party, wedding or event. Once you have a date set, start immediately looking at venues, caterers, photographers, interior decor experts, florists and the bar. Make a check list and as you book something, tick it off. But it does not end there! You need to pay a deposit, reconfirm closer to the time, sort out all the details in advance, and chat again a day or two before the event. You do not want to leave anything to chance!

Be organised

When planning an event including the DJ for hire, the venue, the catering, the photographer and the flowers, and every little detailed, be super organised. If you want a successful event you need to be super organised. If you think the task is too much for you, perhaps you are really busy at work or perhaps you are a bit disorganised, hire a party, event or wedding planner. They will chat to you, find out what you want and they will run everything by you so you make final decisions, but they do the organising, the checks, the reconfirmations and the tiny details. It’s not a bad idea especially if you feel like things are running away from you and you are not in control! Otherwise, have a check list, be methodical and plan a fabulous event.

Keep an eye on costs

It is also a good idea to have a spreadsheet so you can keep an eye on all the costs. You might have a budget for your event; most people do. List everything that you spend including the small things. It all adds up. If you are working to a strict budget, make lists of costs of the venue, caterer, DJ, photographer, florist, etc, before you book all these things. You need to ensure that things will fit in your budget. You can always get a few quotes from different suppliers before you make a decision. In fact we strongly suggest that you do this, either way. It’s always a good idea to shop around and to be aware of what things cost. Unless you are a hundred percent sure of what you want and what you can afford.

Don’t be shy

When you talk to the caterer, tell them what ideas you have in mind. Same thing when you talk to the DJ. Tell them about the music you love or the kind of party you expect. If they are good they will listen to you carefully but will also guide you into making good decisions. And if you want a Melbourne DJ hire, book early so you do get the DJ that you want.