Did You Hear About The Wedding Planner Who Forgot To Book The DJ?

On 15 Sept., 2022

A party with a good DJ will be a fabulous party! Plan your party well, booking the DJ well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Did You Hear About The Wedding Planner Who Forgot To Book The DJ?

Wedding planners handle all aspects of a wedding, hiring a DJ, booking the venue, organising the catering and choosing the menu, ordering the drinks and setting up the bar, the decor and the theme, the photography and the flowers. The whole idea of getting a wedding planner is so they take the stress of everything away from the bride and groom and they do all the organising. They still consult all the way with the bride and groom, but they handle the bookings, the admin and the reconfirmations. And lately we heard a story about a wedding planner who forgot to confirm the DJ.


When you organise a wedding, or any event really, and get a DJ for hire, a venue, a caterer, etc, you have to reconfirm all of these things. All suppliers will ask for a deposit and you need to pay the deposits on time, whether you are going through a wedding planner, event organiser or doing it on your own. Then, before the wedding or event, you need to reconfirm everything. Good suppliers will actually get hold of you to do the reconfirmations and to chase up on anything that still needs to be organised or confirmed. So only use good suppliers but also, use a good wedding planner or event management team too! You need to be able to trust everyone you work with.

Going solo or using a planner

Not everyone can afford an event planner or a wedding planner and sometimes, even if they can afford it, people like to organise their own functions. This way they know that they have everything a hundred percent under control. You need to make a list of all the different things you need to plan and tick them off the list as you research and as you make the bookings. Stay on top of the planning and be meticulous about it. If you are clear with the suppliers, clear about your needs, they will be able to provide you with the best possible service. If it is a DJ you are hiring, tell them exactly what kind of function you are wanting to have, what kind of party you expect, what kind of music you think will go down well, and of course, give them the details, the dates, the address, the times and everything you possibly can. And pay the deposit on time!

Work with your planner

If you do have a wedding planner or event management team, work with them. Do not just leave them to do everything and trust that you will like their arrangements. They need to include you in on the decisions about the food, the drink, the flowers, the photography and the music. They can do the groundwork and the admin, but you ultimately want to make the decisions about which suppliers to use. If you do not feel comfortable with something, make changes before it is too late. And if you are hiring a DJ, don’t forget to do the reconfirmation.