How does BEMER Therapy Work on the Body? The Benefits

On 14 Aug., 2022

How does BEMER Therapy Work on the Body? The Benefits

How does BEMER Therapy Work on the Body? The Benefits

Scientists and clinicians are developing new and fascinating treatments worldwide because of the rapid expansion of medicine and the discovery of new technology. Just one of many previously unexplored therapies, BEMER therapy, has a wide variety of intriguing uses, notably in terms of blood flow and circulation. What exactly is BEMER therapy? What is the process through which the BEMER therapy t is employed? To discover more about the possible modes of action, please continue reading.

BEMER Therapy

It stands for bio-electromagnetic energy regulation, and it’s an acronym for that. Low-frequency electromagnetic pulses are administered directly to the human body. BEMER Therapy Sessions employs low enough power electromagnetic signals to avoid any negative consequences from long-term exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. By activating particular chemical activity, the pulses promote increased blood flow.

Additionally, blood serves as a conduit for transporting vital nutrients and eliminating waste products, such as CO2. This might have a substantial impact on one’s health. Because BEMER treatment is non-invasive, it does not need any surgical intervention. This shortens the healing period and lessens the likelihood of postoperative problems. To administer the BEMER therapy, specific pads or mats must be used.

Benefits of BEMER Therapy

Because of its ability to increase blood and tissue microcirculation without intrusive procedures, BEMER treatment has many potential uses and medical applications.

Fractures and Bone Repair

There is a series of treatments called electric and magnet therapies since the human body generates small amounts of electricity. It appears that bone fractures can be healed with pulsed electromagnetic field treatment (PEMF). Electromagnetic fields may transmit information that encourages tissue healing, according to a possible mechanism. PEMF treatment is thought to imitate the natural electric activity in bones during movement to promote healing.

Muscle Recovery

BEMER treatment has garnered recognition for athletes and trainers’ potential sports fitness and recovery use. Because of the increased oxygen demand and carbon dioxide production during a strenuous exercise or training session, your muscles ultimately become fatigued. BEMER treatment, as previously noted, improves circulation, which results in an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients for the muscles and joints.


Cells that are typically healthy suddenly proliferate, resulting in cancer. Toxic tumors can block the supply of nutrients and oxygen to healthy tissues and organs, resulting in a wide range of health complications. Eventually, cancer cells can break off and migrate via circulation to other body regions. The results of studies on cancer BEMER treatment show that it may decrease the disease’s spread.

Cancer cell proliferation was shown to be reduced, and apoptosis was supported by EMF therapy in general. Breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, osteosarcoma, and melanoma have been linked to this response. Due to EMF therapy, cancer cells may become more susceptible to radiation therapy and chemotherapy.