Important Reasons Why Wedding DJs Should Have Backup Equipment

On 10 Aug., 2022

This guide will give you some of the most important reasons why your wedding DJ should have backup equipment.

Important Reasons Why Wedding DJs Should Have Backup Equipment

Every DJ for hire Melbourne CBD can claim to have backup equipment in case their main equipment malfunctions but this is not always true. The differentiating factor in having backup pieces of equipment is whether or not the person has had to use it and the outcomes. Here are the main things that can impact your wedding and why each wedding vendor should have a backup.

We all forget important things sometimes

You can remind yourself several times about carrying important pieces of equipment but you still end up forgetting. Now that you are just 45 minutes away since you remembered and what you are doing begins now. You should know what to do but you will not do much unless there is a reliable backup plan.

Things happen and when you forget, you will ruin the entire wedding. If you have backup equipment, the probability of forgetting both the main equipment and backup equipment is very low. To reduce the chances of having no equipment at all, you should always make it a habit to carry backup equipment.

You cannot trust meteorologists

This may be somehow dramatic but I have seen rain starting from nowhere even after weather forecasts said that there will be no rain. You can even have an idea of what is going to happen but it is best to be prepared. Microphones and other accessories attached to people cannot be used during bad weather.

You might be a DJ for hire playing at a wedding in the open field and then it starts raining abruptly and you just notice that your tent doesn’t do a lot to stop the rain. This means that your equipment will be rained on. Without backup, you will not be able to proceed with the event.

Things can break

Imagine carrying your main gear to a wedding then someone bumps into your gear making your turntable fall down and break. This can be devastating especially if you don’t have a backup. Your client will not understand even if you tell her that your gear is broken. Since you already signed a contract with them to play music and MC their event, you will have to do that and offer the services you agreed to provide. Otherwise, you risk being taken to court and you can even lose a lot of clients once they know you don’t have backup gear. It is, therefore, crucial to have full backup gear if you want to gain credibility and offer top-notch services to your clients.

Ask the vendor you want to hire

Before hiring a DJ, it is important to ask him whether he has backup equipment. You should also ask him whether he has ever used the backup equipment. It is one thing to have backup equipment and another to have functional equipment that you are familiar with.

If your DJ hire Melbourne CBD tells you that he has backup equipment, it is essential to confirm and ensure they are saying the truth.