Why do we need recruiting agencies and how not to make a mistake with the choice?

On 9 Aug., 2022

How to choose the right IT recruitment agency from dozens of options? According to statistics, there are more than 1200 recruitment agencies, of which about 300 declare among their services and directions the selection of specialists in the field of IT.

Why do we need recruiting agencies and how not to make a mistake with the choice?

What types of IT recruitment agency are on the market:

  1. Giant holding agencies with many branches and practices
  2. Small and medium multipractice
  3. Boutique agencies highly specialized in IT
  4. Using IT solutions and tools - platforms, cloud systems, bots, videoCV, etc.

And really why?

  • Firstly, most IT people are not public and introverted, they are used to finding work through acquaintances. They go to clients, start-ups to friends, open their own practice. In open sources, on job search sites, it is very difficult to find a good developer resume. A good developer doesn't always even have a resume. He is smoothly lured from company to company by acquaintance and recommendations.
  • Secondly, IT professionals are often not very friendly and sociable. They do not like to spend time communicating with recruiters, they try to avoid personal visits for interviews, they prefer Skype interviews or a telephone conversation right away with the hiring manager, bypassing her. Potential managers, on the contrary, are loaded with current tasks and are not too willing to find a slot to communicate with “one of” possible employees, essentially with a “pig in a poke”.
  • Thirdly, many IT professionals understand that they are in great demand, and overestimate themselves, request unacceptable conditions for the employer company (remote work, free schedule, full autonomy, 3 working machines, monitors for the price of an airplane, etc.), are claiming a salary comparable to that of a director of any other department. They are poached, outbid, literally “teared apart” by various companies that are interested or in dire need of the development of internal IT, which undoubtedly fuels the ambitions of candidates.

What questions to ask when choosing an IT recruitment partner?

  1. How many people are in IT practice? Ideally, when the agency has the opportunity to connect up to 3 recruiters to work on your 1 vacancy, separating them.
  2. How many consultants will you have to work with? There is a completely inverse relationship here. It is more convenient to work with 1 contact person for all recruitment issues in the agency - a project manager who oversees the work on all vacancies submitted by you for work.
  3. Ask about the successful experience of filling vacancies in the narrow area of ​​expertise you need, for example, developers in the banking system.
  4. Ask to talk about the practice of “leading” candidates and working out competing offers.