Turn Your Idea Into A Mobile App

On 9 Aug., 2022

Transform your app idea into your very own mobile app reality with this guide!

Turn Your Idea Into A Mobile App

The app economy is booming and the time has come to progress your vision for a mobile application into reality. With the ever-increasing sales of smartphones, the user base of mobile apps has skyrocketed in the last few years.

According to Statista, by 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate about $189 billion in revenue from app stores and in-app advertising. In yet another report by Statista, there were 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store as of March 2017. These figures clearly highlight the growing demand as well as mass consumption of mobile apps and increasing weightage on questions like how to make an app and how to code an app.

Anyone can get tempted by the tremendous amount of opportunity in this field. Now, as we know the true growth chart of app development ideas, what if an idea strikes your mind about developing a mobile app? The sprouting of an idea is not an issue, but to bring that idea to life is a task to accomplish. Here’s what to do!

1. What Is Your Idea For An App?

The most essential aspect of an effective app is a thoughtful idea. For you, your idea may be the best but, for others, it may not work as expected. So, with some deep analysis of the market, you can polish your idea a bit more. The app idea should be crisp and definite. Mobile apps are easily dispensable. If something doesn’t click for the user, it will take only a few seconds to get rid of it. Be it food app ideas or gaming app ideas, your app ideas should target a problem to get rid of it. That is crucial for growth after the app is released.

2. What Kind Of An App Do You Need?

Mobile apps are compact software programs intended to run on various gadget platforms, for example, mobile phones, smart watches, and tablets. Compared to laptops and desktops, these apps are compressed in every sense to make the UI (User Interface) compatible with smaller screens and touchscreen-style controls.

Depending on various requirements and platforms, mobile apps are categorized into a few categories. Let’s answer your how to make an app with these three major categories:

  • Native Apps: These apps are designed in such a manner that they work on one type of mobile operating system. For instance, to create an iPhone app, developers will be working in Objective-C and such an app won’t run on Android and if the app is designed to work on the Android platform, the end product won’t run on iOS.
  • Web Apps: Web apps are not a real app but, a website that looks more like it. To bring it into use, the user has to go to a particular URL and install it. It will bring an icon of that website on your screen and hence, you can use the app. Generally, such apps are written in HTML5 and are designed to run on the mobile browser.
  • Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps are the ones that bring you a mix of native and web apps. Some apps may be more inclined towards running on a platform and some may focus on web-based technologies. Such apps are more in demand nowadays due to their versatility.

3. Comprehend The Market Trend

After contemplating your desired idea, you need to come to the forefront. The focus should be on knowing everything about the market, from current trends to user expectations and from heavyweights in the industry to quality standards, all of it should be at your fingertips. Such market research will assist you in making your mobile app a unique product.

If some similar apps are previously available on the market, get to know about the length and breadth of them. Look out for application features and reviews of similar apps and try to embed the missing elements into your app. By doing so, you will be able to get an upper edge above all the other apps that may resemble the one you are up to. Add all the new learning to your feature list.

4. Learn About Your Audience

One of the most crucial aspects of any business is to lock-on to the desired audience. Without defining the audience, one can’t move even an inch. The user base can be from a specific group of sexual orientation, locale, age group, salaried ones or some particular profession. And once you make up your mind regarding the audience, you would be able to figure out their needs and requirements as per your mobile app.

5. Hire An App Development Company

Picking up an apt app development company is one of the key steps in initiating your grind. Professional developers and designers will turn your fancy ideas into user-satisfying products.

Any such top-notch iPhone app development company will take care of every task of the app development that will ultimately inject the required strength and vibrancy into your app. On top of that, you will also be saving your time and money by handing over the application development task to some reputed agency.

6. Chip In With Some Creative Design

In order to carve a space for yourself in such a huge cluster is obviously not that subtle. Your mobile app design should be brimming with tons of creative touch, so that, it should be able to attain the attention of the audience and keep floating in the market for long enough.

7. Test The Beta Version First

It is always wise to test the product before launching it in the market and for the same, Beta programs are introduced. You can take a cue from Silicon Valley experts like Apple and Google.

They released multiple beta versions of their app on the market before making them publicly available. This way, you can get to know any of the snags or glitches present in your final product and the ultimate app will be simply flawless.

8. Launch Your App With A Blast

If done with all the changes brought up by the beta version, move on to launching the app for your audience. To generate more curiosity in the people, pitch in with teasers and pre-launch activities.

It will make people more inquisitive about your app idea and will garner maximum attention. Finally, plan something smashing for the d-day. As people will already be anticipating big, stand true to their expectations and unveil your app through an exceptional event.

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