Is Havanese a Right Dog For You?

On 9 Aug., 2022

If you are thinking of owning a good family dog in the state of Texas, then don't delay getting one. For more information, read this article

Is Havanese a Right Dog For You?

It is crucial to pick an ideal dog for your household. You need to learn as much as you can about the breeds you are thinking about. The popularity of the Havanese breed is rising quickly, and this raises the question, Why? Know directly from the Havanese breeders in the state of Texas as they spill the beans about this breed's physical trait to see if it would be a wonderful addition to your home.

Physical Appearance Of The Havanese Dogs

General Appearance

The Havanese is a strong little animal. A Havanese dog's body is a bit longer than its height. The hair of a Havanese is uncut, long, silky, and wavy. Their coat has a texture that thrives in hot, tropical environments. Over their eyes, their hair hangs. Because it might act as a shield from the harsh sun, longer hair is typically not done in a top knot. Their plumed tail hangs freely over their hindquarters.

Physical Characteristics

The Havanese dogs are small, and the Havanese weighs between 7 and 13 pounds. The ideal size of a Havanese is more precisely defined by the American Kennel Club breed standard. A Havanese should, in accordance with the American Kennel Club, be:

Large, almond-shaped, dark-brown eyes that are spaced widely apart are quintessential for the Havanese breed. Their ears are of medium length. Despite having a petite height, the breed is not at all delicate.

Coat and Color

The double coat of the Havanese is silky and long-haired. The Havanese's coat color may vary and can be cream, gold, silver, blue, or black in color. To prevent their hair from matting, Havanese must be brushed every day. Your Havanese to get used to daily grooming probably needs some time, but once they do, they might even love to go to a grooming parlor. It is advised to keep their face clean because their eyes sometimes shed a tiny amount of tears.

Final Words

Havanese dogs, both males and females make wonderful companions for the pet lovers. So, if you are skeptical about this breed, don't because they are deemed as Good family dogs in the state of Texas and have skyrocketed the demand among pet lovers in the market. Start inquiring today to pick your puppy from the best place where Havanese dogs are nurtured with utmost care and love.