All You Need To Know About A Career In Close Protection

On 7 Aug., 2022

All You Need To Know About A Career In Close Protection

All You Need To Know About A Career In Close Protection

It takes a great deal of time and professional training to become a bodyguard. Due to the fact that a close professional environment is a unique experience, it means that those interested in doing so should also be of a unique disposition.

Close Protection Professionals

One of the most common misconceptions about this job is that you need to be muscular and well-built to be successful, this is not always the case with close protection. Those working as close protection professionals are all manner of statures. Although size and weight are not of that much importance, close protection security professionals are required to have a high level of personal hygiene and grooming.

It is evident that you need to be a responsible, mature adult to pursue a career path such as this. Due to the fact you will be working with the public, you must have excellent people skills, attention to detail and the ability to be punctual are all must-haves for this role.

Close Protection Environment

If you want to work in a close protection environment, it is important you have good people skills. It is likely you will come across a wide variety of people when working in a close protection environment, these could range from cleaners to members of royalty. Because of this it is important that you have the skills necessary to speak to any of the people. From the moment you apply for the job, these skills will be tested. If you do not have the adequate communication skills needed then your application will be unlikely to be processed.

Another Important One is Common Sense

You will need to have a keen eye in this line of work and keep a close watch on your surroundings and situations you find yourself in. Being proactive is key, as is confidence, both these skills are key when it comes to decision making. If you want to make sure you are credible as a close protection officer then confidence is one of the key attributes you must have.

Your clients will place their absolute trust in you and this comes from the confidence that you portray. Confidence in yourself will lead to confidence being shown in you by others. However, if you are not naturally confident, all is not lost. There are a number of courses that can be taken, or books read, that can help you develop this important attribute.


Always remember how important it is to be a team player as your co-workers are very important in this line of work. Without team work, all your other precious skills will be lost. Your team must always be your first priority in this line of work and comes before all else. If you are unable to demonstrate effective, selfless teamwork, this may not be the career for you.If you cannot stick close to your team and act completely selflessly then close protection may not be for.