5 Effective Client Engagement Strategies to Implement Into Your Credit Union Marketing Plan

On 31 Jul., 2022

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5 Effective Client Engagement Strategies to Implement Into Your Credit Union Marketing Plan

Credit unions are finding it increasingly difficult to set themselves apart in a very competitive financial services market. Even amongst other credit unions, being able to differentiate themselves with an original voice that resonates with new clients can be a massive undertaking. However, using the following credit union marketing strategies can help set you apart from the rest of the field.

Digital Apps & Mobile Friendly Technology Can Supercharge Your Credit Union Marketing

With more than 77% of Americans carrying a smartphone in their pocket, having technology that makes it convenient to interact with your services is crucial. Many are choosing their financial institution based on how much they are able to do things from their phones rather than in-person.

With a quality, mobile-friendly web portal and mobile app, presenting it in your marketing should be at the forefront of your efforts. Don't just target the younger, tech-savvy demographics either. The idea of being able to bank without traveling is increasingly appealing to those that are older who find commuting to the bank a hassle.

Why is this credit union marketing strategy so effective? By highlighting the resistance customers feel about in-person banking and presenting your mobile technology as the solution, you are positioning your credit union as the solution to that resistance.

Adding a Personal Touch To Your Credit Union Marketing

While social media and email marketing have their place, nothing can replace the power of personalized, one-to-one interaction and connection. Implementing this into your credit union marketing can have an exponential impact.

The key is tailoring the interaction to offer resources to aid in the customer's individual financial journey. If they are a young family with several children, a call letting them know about your college savings programs will go a long way.

Be sure that team members tasked with personal outreach maintain a warm, engaging, friendly approach when interacting with clients.

Use Your Data to Personalize Your Client's Experience

Data collection is essential for your credit union's membership growth efforts. Apart from informing your decisions when it comes to client satisfaction and determining your service offerings, data allows you to tailor your credit union's resources to each client.

Be on the lookout for ways to integrate your data with automation that helps engage your clients more with what your credit union has to offer.

Keep On Top Of Technological Innovations

While not all technology is right for your credit union, implementing cutting-edge solutions will help you stay competitive. Integrating automation or AI-driven algorithms to help create around-the-clock customer service can differentiate you from other credit unions that don't. This is true if you are trying to appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z audience.

Engage Your Community with Helpful Resources and a Top-Notch Customer Experience

From technology, mobile banking solutions to the in-bank experience, all of it should be centered around providing a world-class customer experience at their local credit union. Every email, phone call, or mailing should constantly drive value to your customers. Keeping that at the forefront of your marketing efforts will set you apart.

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