Will Siberian Husky can be sustain in India

On 14 Jul., 2022

Siberian husky is a very much playful and family attachment dogs they are very gentle with children and can be easily adapted to the Indian climatic condition.

Will Siberian Husky can be sustain in India

Siberian Husky is a wounderful dog breed. which is very much famous because of t=its talkative nature , yes, they talk to humans in thier own language they can easily attached to the family memeners and the strangers which is why people love to have siberian husky, if you also have an interest check our farm Padhus kennel to  siberian husky puppies for sale in India. Our team members will help you to give guidence to how to grow and medications.

       siberian husky has a good looking medium sized coat which makes them look attractive with their mask face. They can easily survive in the indian climatic conditions but it should need a better care it can not tolerate too much heat and it it not tie in the heat place. In India climate is very much normal in most of the days, it can easily tolerate cold climatic condition.