Is Your Event Planning Up To Scratch?

On 7 Jul., 2022

There is a lot to plan for an event and we suggest you make a list including the venue, caterers, DJ, florist and photographer.

Is Your Event Planning Up To Scratch?

Music is a huge part of function and DJs for events are always in demand. There has been a huge revival in the DJ market, and everybody likes a good DJ. DJs are skilled at all genres of music, have amazing equipment, have brilliant playlists, and can adapt the music they play for all kinds of functions. You might have the same DJ at a wedding as at a huge corporate event, and the DJ will be just as amazing at both events. Good DJs know how to read a crowd and play the right kind of music at the right time. But good DJs have to be booked early or they will not be available for the function. And then you land up with a second rate DJ or someone who does not have the same kind of experience.

Music experience

If your function or event is an important one than a DJ for hire needs to be experienced. We do not suggest you hire the kid next door for your 50th birthday, even if he tells you he is fantastic. He needs to get a lot of experience before he plays at a big event. Rather go for the DJs who have a lot of parties and events under their belts and who have a lot of references for you. The music is important at a function. It is almost more important than the venue or the food. If the music is good, people dance and have a great time. If the music does not work, the party of event can fall flat. And that is why one has to hire a good DJ and one has to plan in advance.

DJs salary

What does a good DJ charge? Well, you have to ask the DJ. It depends on the DJ you are using, it depends on the kind of event you are having, it depends on where the venue is, and it depends on how long they will be playing music for. The best thing is to get a few references on various DJs, meet them, and if you are impressed then ask them to quote you for your event. If a DJ comes very highly recommended to you, you don't need to meet them in advance, a phone meeting will be fine. Just make sure you give them all the correct details and make sure that you get confirmation in writing. Most DJs will ask you to pay a deposit for the event, and will ask for the balance to be paid soon after the event. A great DJ is worth the money so rather hire a great DJ over a standard DJ, ensuring that you have a successful event or fabulous party.

Finding a DJ

Get a few numbers from friends or colleagues and go with an experienced DJ. Book early and feel assured that you have part of the planning done. Good DJs for events will really make your function fabulous so make that phone call now.