Qualified Expert Ophthalmology Witnesses

On 30 Jun., 2022

your case requires the testimony of an expert in ophthalmology, you may wish to find a qualified medical witness to support your claim

Qualified Expert Ophthalmology Witnesses

If your case requires the testimony of an expert in ophthalmology, you may wish to find a qualified medical witness to support your claim. However, there are certain requirements that must be met for the testimony of such a witness to be admissible in a court of law. These include having sufficient experience and a reasonable basis for the witness' opinion. Generally, it is not sufficient for the triers of fact to accept an expert's opinion if they cannot support the logical reasoning behind that opinion. In some cases, hypothetical facts, supported by evidence, may be admissible.

Dr. Lefkowitz

Dr. Lefkowitz practices ophthalmology and has extensive experience in the field of eye surgery. He has performed LASIK, cataract, and strabismus surgeries. He has testified as a medical expert in ophthalmology in many courts throughout the United States. Dr. Lefkowitz's background is highly relevant to this case. In addition, he has performed cases in several jurisdictions.

In addition to practicing ophthalmology, Dr. Lefkowitz teaches medical students and residents at the University of Arizona Medical College-Phoenix. Dr. Lefkowitz provides Expert Ophthalmology Witness services nationwide. He specializes in Cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, and glaucoma, and has completed 100+ cases on a contract basis.

Expert ophthalmologists are highly sought after by lawyers and insurance companies in a variety of cases. They are required to undergo comprehensive training and skill teaching in order to become competent and unbiased witnesses. Their training and experience give them the unique knowledge necessary to detect any eye problem. In addition to providing expert testimony, ophthalmologists are also bound to assist in eye-related cases on professional grounds.

Dr. Michael Reynard

In the field of ophthalmology, Dr. Michael Reynard is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in ocular disorders, including diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachments. He also provides trial testimony and expert witness opinions in cases related to neuro-ophthalmology, ocular motility, and cataract surgery.

As an expert witness, he has extensive training and experience in ophthalmology, including oculoplastic surgery, neuro-ophthalmology, retina-vitreous disease, and oculoplastic surgery. He has completed over 100 cases as an expert ophthalmology witness. He has completed two retina fellowships and 30,000 surgeries. His extensive experience in all areas of ophthalmology makes him a highly qualified expert witness.

Besides Dr. Reynard, other experts in the field of ophthalmology include a team of researchers and medical practitioners. The team includes Dr. Michael Reynard, Senior Ophthalmology Witness, and several other leading researchers in the field of ophthalmology. These experts have the expertise to assess the medical records and expert opinions of witnesses in the context of a lawsuit.

Dr. Carolyn Carman

Carolyn Carman, OD, MS, is a highly qualified and experienced ophthalmology expert witness with over thirty years of experience. Her area of expertise includes the treatment of visual impairment caused by ocular disease, trauma, and brain injury. She is involved in expert witness testimony for both defense and plantiff counsel. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Carman is a licensed therapeutic optometrist and clinical professor, with extensive knowledge in the field.

Dr. Mark Kline

As an expert in ophthalmology, Dr. Kline can testify about the medical and scientific issues involved in eye-related cases. He can be contacted via e-mail, phone, or in person to discuss case issues and potential strategies for depositions or courtroom testimony. He will serve as your personal consultant, reviewing the relevant records and providing professional opinions in relation to your case.

After his successful litigation career, Dr. Kline has been recruited by the Department of Pediatrics at LSU Health New Orleans and Tulane University School of Medicine to help with cases in these fields. Dr. Kline has been an expert witness for over twenty years and will be an invaluable asset to any legal case. His expertise in ophthalmology will prove invaluable in medical malpractice cases. He will serve as an expert witness in ophthalmology cases for a variety of clients, including insurance companies and medical malpractice lawsuits.