Custom Pocket Mirrors: How to Order Them

On 22 Jun., 2022

As long as you use them correctly and get people’s attention, these mirrors won’t disappoint!

Custom Pocket Mirrors: How to Order Them

The pocket mirror trend has taken off in recent years, with everyone from celebs to business people using them in order to check themselves out on the go. But where was this trend before? We've got the answer right here!

How to Order Custom Pocket Mirrors

If you’re interested in a custom pocket mirror, there are several companies that offer this service. Here are a few tips on how to order one:

1) Figure out what size you’d like your mirror image and logo to be.  This will help us determine the proper design.

2) Choose if you would like your logo to be imprinted on the outside of the mirror or inside.

3) Pick your fabric and your preferred finish.  You can choose from various options such as leather, wood, or metal.

4) Choose the artwork option and place your order! 

The good thing about wholesale compact mirrors is that they’re a great giveaway for all occasions. They’re perfect for trade shows, corporate events, and even your next tradeshow. They can add a little bit of flair to your next campaign and they will surely get you noticed. Here are some proven ways how to use custom pocket mirrors to your advantage:


1) Wear Them Around Your Neck:  

You can wear it around the neck and make it easily available everywhere you go. You can also hand out this personalized compact mirror as you meet with customers during an event. This is especially helpful if you’ve organized a booth at a tradeshow or convention in order to increase traffic for your business.

2) Use Them as a Handout:  

Another popular way to use these customized compact mirrors is to hand them out for free during a trade show or convention. This is one of the most popular methods used because it’s simple and inexpensive, which means you can hand out more! Plus, there is a good chance that the recipient will put it to good use right away.

3) Use Them as a Display:  

If you’re planning on bringing your business to any upcoming events, be sure to make custom pocket mirrors part of your display. Customized mirror pictures are sturdy and will add flair to your table display without breaking the bank.

4) Use Them as an Award:  

Another great idea is to use these custom pocket mirrors as awards during your next corporate event. You can choose one of our customized designs and hand them out to employees who have earned a key role in your business. If you're looking for a way to recognize your employees or hand out a gift for a loyal customer, this is the perfect strategy.



As you can see, there are many different ways to market a custom pocket mirror. Spotting this marketing tool on the shelf of a store, you may think the product is worthless. But there is more to this promotional object than meets the eye. Take these tips into consideration before you invest in one of our promotional mirrors. As long as you use them correctly and get people’s attention, these mirrors won’t disappoint!